6 Bad Baby Naming Trends

I am utterly fascinated with baby names. As a 15-year-old, I asked for a baby name book for Christmas. I am intrigued by baby name statistics. I religiously read this fantastic blog dedicated solely to baby name info and trends. I pour over the Social Security Administration statistics every time they are released (annually on Mother’s Day weekend, in case you are curious).

And I stressed about our son’s name more than just about anything else while I was pregnant. My husband and I didn’t agree on any names, and I was so focused on finding the perfect name, I could think of little else. It wasn’t until after our baby was born that we even settled on his name. I was terrified that I would pick a name that was too popular, or one that people hated. So much so, that I refused to tell anyone the names we were considering because I didn’t want to hear negative feedback.

According to Laura Wattenberg, aka the Baby Name Wizard,

There’s name rage in the streets. People write in to us raging against what their neighbors name their babies. Everyone wants to be different. That’s the No. 1 thing we all have in common.

This is clearly a topic of interest for me, nay, an obsession. I recently read an article about 10 Ridiculous Baby Naming Trends, and as I spend so much time thinking about it, here are my least favorite baby naming trends.

  • Anything that Rhymes with Aidan 1 of 6
    Anything that Rhymes with Aidan
    Aidan is the anglicized form of the Irish Aodhan (little fiery one). It is a fine name - if a bit overused. Somewhere along the way people started making up new spellings of Aidan as well as naming their children anything that rhymes with it. Aiden, Kaden, Zayden, Haiden, Jaden —there are 41 different rhyming names ranking among the top 1000 boy names. It's been done, can we just move on all ready?
  • Swapping Ks for Cs 2 of 6
    Swapping Ks for Cs
    I don't care how much you like Keeping Up with the Kardashians, please don't name your kid Khloe instead of Chloe. Also not a fan of Konnor, Kassandra, Kamila, and Kolton. Keep your Cs please. image : flickr | adrants
  • Kreativ Spelling 3 of 6
    Kreativ Spelling
    Okay, we get it. Everyone wants to be different. But if you like the name Olivia, please just spell it right. Alyvviah will rue the day her parents decided to be different.
  • “Twilight” Names 4 of 6
    "Twilight" Names
    I own all the Twilight books, so this criticism deals solely with the names of the series. Do you know what the #1 boy and girl names in the US are right now? Jacob and Isabella. With other names like Bella (48), Edward (136), Alice (172), Emmett (273), Jasper (286), Cullen (413), Rosalie (509), Esme (921) quickly climbing the charts. Just promise me you won't use Renesmee, mmkay? image : flickr | Kid's Birthday Parties
  • Spelling it Backwards 5 of 6
    Spelling it Backwards
    One of the top girls name in the country is Nevaeh (with Neveah also ranked for some reason). This is actually the word heaven spelled backwards. This "hidden" meaning isn't so hidden and is something I can't get behind.
  • Boys Name for Girls 6 of 6
    Boys Name for Girls
    If you have a little girl named Ryan or Tyler, you probably see the name as a gift for your daughter. You have given her a strong and unusual name in hopes that she will be strong and unique. But here's the thing, there is a naming arms race taking place and the girls team is destroying the boys. Girls are continuously taking over naming territory with the names switching sides never to return. There is a cultural double standard in which it is charming to give a girl a masculine name, but incredibly undesirable for a boy to have a name that reads feminine. As a mother of a son (who mourned the loss of a beloved name to the girls team), I am begging, pleading, leave the boys names to the boys. image : flickr | quicheisinsane

What are your least favorite names and trends?

In case you are curious, read about the least controversial baby names at Baby Name Wizard.

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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