6 Easy Ways To Keep Your Baby Safe in the Sun and Water

Summer means lots of time playing outside and by the water. Even though I have two little city girls, I still want to teach them proper water safety.

My oldest grew up in Florida for the first nine months of her life and was always around the water. I made sure to do extensive research before I let her in the water to avoid anything serious from happening.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has some amazing tips for sun and water safety.

Check out some of their tips on how to keep your little one safe this summer while playing outside in the sun and by the pool. 


  • Protect Their Skin With The Right Clothes 1 of 6
    Protect Their Skin With The Right Clothes
    A baby's skin is very sensitive to the sun's harmful rays. To prevent sunburn, dress infants in lightweight long pants, long-sleeved shirts, and brimmed hats that shade the neck to prevent sunburn.
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  • Apply Sunscreen 2 of 6
    Apply Sunscreen
    With the sun's powerful rays getting even more powerful this summer, you want to make sure you are always applying sunscreen to your child's skin. Apply a minimal amount of suncreen with at least 15 SPF to areas such as the baby's face and the back of the hands.
  • Make Sure Pool is Enclosed 3 of 6
    Make Sure Pool is Enclosed
    If you are around an area that has a swimming pool, make sure that the pool has a gate and that it is properly locked. Look for areas that your little one might be able to go over or under.
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  • Get Them In Swim Lessons Early 4 of 6
    Get Them In Swim Lessons Early
    Children may be at lower risk if you enroll them in formal swimming lessons early. The AAP recommends getting them formal swim lessons around age 1, however I enrolled my oldest daughter around 6 months to get her used to being in the water.
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  • Wear a Life Vest 5 of 6
    Wear a Life Vest
    Babies should always wear a life vest if on a boat or near bodies of water. Avoid "floaties." Inflatable swimming gear can bring a false sense of security to parents. They should not be used to replace a life vest. Make sure the life vest is not loose and is worn as instructed.
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  • Be Within Arms Reach 6 of 6
    Be Within Arms Reach
    Make sure that you are always within arms reach of your little one. Your eyes should always be on your baby when around the water.
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For even more tips on pool safety, please read the complete list from the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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