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With their big eyes and innocents little faces, how could we ever suspect our precious angels would be capable of pure evil?

Part of me doesn’t want to believe it either, but the signs are all there. Little Bean may be shiftier than I realize.

  • Lying 1 of 6
    "Scientists have found that by the age of Why? just six months mini-you was already "fake crying" and "pretend laughing" to get attention."
  • Prejudice 2 of 6
    "In a 2004 study … a UK scientist made several babies look at two pictures. One of those pictures was of an attractive woman, and the other was of a non-attractive woman. Out of these babies (all of seven-days old, max), almost 100 percent looked significantly longer at pictures of "attractive" people than "unattractive" people."
  • Defiance 3 of 6
    "No" is one of the most common first words spoken by children and can sometimes occupy their entire vocabulary for three months before they say just about anything else."
  • Getting High 4 of 6
    Getting High
    "Starting at about nine months, before going to sleep many infants will bang their heads against something solid up to 80 times a minute. Spells can last from a few minutes to a few hours. … The surge of adrenaline that the kid gets from the slight pain induces a happy, calm and relaxed feeling followed by exhaustion."
  • Stealing 5 of 6
    "Children don't have a complex understanding of other people's ownership until they are a few years old. Unfortunately, an understanding of personal ownership comes much sooner than that. In other words, to a baby, everything is theirs."
  • Murder 6 of 6
    "Scientists now think that a ridiculous one in eight people started out as two peas in a pod. Of course, only about one in 70 people actually is a twin. So what happened to your twin? You killed it and then absorbed it into your body."

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