6 Fun Holiday Travel Tips to Keep You and Your Baby Entertained

The first Christmas after my oldest daughter Harlan was born, my husband was living here in New York City and I was still in Florida. Because he had a new job, he couldn’t take off too many days to come down and spend the holidays with us. Due to his lack of time off of work, we decided that I was going to travel up to New York City for the holidays with Harlan. She was only three months old at the time and although I had travelled with her alone before, this was the first time that I was traveling alone during the craziness of the holidays.

It’s not the ideal time to travel by yourself with a baby, but it can be completely manageable if you plan well and remain relaxed (easier said than done.) We’ve all heard the general travel tips with a baby of arriving early, bring things to keep them entertained, and packing all of the necessities, but the holidays can bring on an extra level of stress. Why not have some fun while traveling with your little one this holiday season with some fun holiday themed activities to keep your baby entertained. Check out some of my favorite activities for traveling during the holidays after the jump! 

  • Work on Blowing Kisses When They Get Stuck Under the Mistletoe with Grandma 1 of 6
    Work on Blowing Kisses When They Get Stuck Under the Mistletoe with Grandma
    You never know when that little one of yours is going to get stuck under that mistletoe this year. Who doesn't love a sweet and slobbery kiss from a cute little baby? Teach them how to give kisses so that when grandma comes to town, your little one will know exactly what to do if grandma even steps close to that mistletoe. Image via Flickr User Good N Crazy
  • Teach Them to Say Ho Ho Ho 2 of 6
    Teach Them to Say Ho Ho Ho
    Santa Claus is coming to town, so get your baby ready for his arrival by helping him say Santa's most famous words. That trip to sit on Santa'a lap will be that much more special if your little one knows what to expect from him and can even say it back.
  • Decorate Holiday Cards with Stickers to Help their Fine Motor Skills 3 of 6
    Decorate Holiday Cards with Stickers to Help their Fine Motor Skills
    My oldest loves to play with arts and crafts, especially stickers, crayons, and paper. I've noticed that Avery has tried to pick up a crayon and see what she can do with it on the paper (besides just put it in her mouth.) Let your little ones make the holiday cards this year and keep them entertained while on that long trip. Your family will love the personalized touch to the holiday cards this year.
  • Bring Toys Wrapped Up to Open Along the Way 4 of 6
    Bring Toys Wrapped Up to Open Along the Way
    I always like to bring new toys on a long trip because they aren't something that the girls are used to and it will keep them entertained and engaged longer. During the holidays, wrap those new toys in holiday wrapping paper so that not only will they enjoy playing with their new toys, but they will also have just as much fun unwrapping the present.
  • Put Your Baby in a Santa Hat 5 of 6
    Put Your Baby in a Santa Hat
    No, it won't get to your destination any faster. But you'll have your own pint-sized elf in the back seat.
  • Sing Your Favorite Holiday Songs 6 of 6
    Sing Your Favorite Holiday Songs
    Who doesn't love a good Christmas song this time of year? Whether it's Jingle Bells, Silent Night, or Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree, these holiday songs are sure to get everyone on the trip in a cheery mood.

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