6 Months: An Instagram Photo Journey

Dear Sweet Abigail,

Half a year. Already. It’s amazing really how fast this time has come, my girl. Zhaawanon-Giizhigookwe, our Awaking Skyewoman.

Milestones we’ve met, colic surpassed. Bonds continually defining. These deep wells carved out in our hearts for you? They run deep, are fluid and constantly flowing.

No challenge in this life is greater than our love for you sweetness, know that. Own it. And do with it (that knowledge of love), what you will.

Only a short time ago you were a tiny, clinging, delicate and crying newborn. Now, we are met with a robust, charming and affectionate baby girl. Your eyes shine into all you meet, and your smile melts even the most tired of souls. The sweetness. You’ve got it. It oozes from your pores and makes it’s presence known in a room.

What could be better? Than constantly feeling good in your presence? Not much. Thank-you, my darling, for being you.

Healthy. So grateful you are healthy and growing (like a weed), and developing rapidly. Eating, sitting, grabbing and interacting. Your brother continues to be the light of your world, he loves you so – as you love him. It warms me to my toes to watch.

Keep on keepin’ on my girl – your mom and dad are strong and we’ll get through some of the tough challenges ahead. We are better for knowing you and blessed to have you in our lives.


Yo’ Mama.

x’s & o’s

  • On The Day You Were Born… 1 of 25
    On The Day You Were Born...
    I had stars in my eyes.
  • Small Styles… 2 of 25
    Small Styles...
    from day one.
  • Oh The Fascinators… 3 of 25
    Oh The Fascinators...
    I made you. I even crafted a free DIY tutorial. Click here to learn how to make your own baby head-bands!
  • The Good Ole Days… 4 of 25
    The Good Ole Days...
    of colic due to acid reflux.
  • 1 Month Old! 5 of 25
    1 Month Old!
    My little smurfette.
  • Saucer Eyes… 6 of 25
    Saucer Eyes...
    wide and telling.
  • Morning Cuddles… 7 of 25
    Morning Cuddles...
    are the best.
  • Dress -Up… 8 of 25
    Dress -Up...
    you dig it.
  • 2 Months Old! 9 of 25
    2 Months Old!
    Rockin' the neck control.
  • Beach Baby… 10 of 25
    Beach Baby...
    jammin' with your bro.
  • Just Having a Snack… 11 of 25
    Just Having a Snack...
    cannot be helped. Indulge I will.
  • 3 Months Old! 12 of 25
    3 Months Old!
    Now with smiles!
  • Coffee Date With Mama.. 13 of 25
    Coffee Date With Mama..
    and not too happy about it.
  • Pretty in Pink… 14 of 25
    Pretty in Pink...
    and ruffles. But of course.
  • 4 Months Old! 15 of 25
    4 Months Old!
    Brimming with personality.
  • Bonding… 16 of 25
    with your big bro. Never stop.
  • Love Eyes… 17 of 25
    Love Eyes...
    for me. *Swoon*
  • 1 Halloween 18 of 25
    1 Halloween
    As a hot pepper. Weak I know. Craft goddess #FAIL.
  • Monthly Check-Up… 19 of 25
    Monthly Check-Up...
    waiting around and looking simply gorgeous.
  • & More Dress-Up… 20 of 25
    & More Dress-Up...
    because clearly. Its as it's meant to be.
  • 1st New Year’s… 21 of 25
    1st New Year's...
    partying like nobody's business
  • 1st Christmas… 22 of 25
    1st Christmas...
  • Jammin’… 23 of 25
    as obviously - you will be a virtuoso of whatever instrument you favour.
  • 1st Bites 24 of 25
    1st Bites
    Yummers you say!
  • Mickey Mouse Club… 25 of 25
    Mickey Mouse Club...

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