6 Post-Delivery Must-Have Items You Need After Baby

For those of you who missed the news, I welcomed Grayson last week. It’s feels pretty amazing to put the high-risk pregnancy behind me but now, I am adjusting to life with 5 littles. And well, it’s some serious adjusting. Mainly due to my lack of sleep. Grayson sleeps so well but for some reason, I am not bouncing back as quickly as I did after my last pregnancy. Granted, it’s only been a week today, at midnight, but I still am ready to be back in full swing.

With that said, there are a few things that made this week with a new baby much easier. You know, you love hearing about the “little things” that make your life, as a mom, easier. And well, I’ve got a few noteworthy products this week that have made my life way easy and comfortable. Whether it’s for the babe or me. I love something that makes a difference and well, this week I’ve found a few things I just couldn’t live without.

After the jump, browse through a few little things that have made  a big difference in my life with a newborn again and post-bump.

  • Post-Bump Comfy Wardrobe from Lady Lait 1 of 6
    Post-Bump Comfy Wardrobe from Lady Lait
    If you haven't heard of Lady Lait, you've been missing out. It is one of my new favorite luxury apparel maternity brands but not just for when you're pregnant but after too! The Vivian wrap and Lou cropped pants are two of my favorite things in the collection. I actually packed them in my hospital back but have been lounging around them at home too. They are beyond comfortable. So soft, and flattering for after baby. The Claire Tunic and Eve Tunic are also perfect for after baby, especially for those that are nursing. Seriously, you will never want to change. I couldn't probably wear the line all day, everyday. It's an amazing after and before delivery collection you need to check out.
    See the collection from Lady Lait
  • Belly Bandit 2 of 6
    Belly Bandit
    Would it be crazy to say thanks to breast feeding and the belly bandit my stomach almost looks flatter than before. I know, sounds crazy but I swear. This is the first time I've used the Belly Bandit after pregnancy and well - it's pretty amazing. I can't believe the support it has given me while my back as still been pretty sore from delivery. Not to mention, those contractions as your uterus shrinks well, they aren't fun and the Belly Bandit has really helped with my pain and the road to a flat stomach. Anyone who is preparing for delivery in the next few weeks needs to grab one. I can't believe I didn't have it for my other 4 pregnancies.
    Get yours now from Belly Bandit
  • Orbit Baby Bassinet 3 of 6
    Orbit Baby Bassinet
    We all know how much I love my Orbit G2 Stroller Travel System but, I have found a new love that goes hand and hand with the stroller. Meet the Orbit Baby Bassinet. It's just as FABulous as it looks. The two-piece cradle system helps make walks a breeze. I was able to keep Grayson undisturbed after a walk - from nursery to stroller and back home again. I love the soft carry handles, similar to the car seat so that i can easily life the oh-so-lightweight bassinet off the rocker base so easy transitions from the stroller or even better, from room to room. It's simply amazing and has made my life much easier especially when I need a bassinet upstairs and down. My little guy is just to small for a bouncy chair yet so this gives us the protection he needs in the room with us yet gives him a safe place to rest.
    Check out the bassinet on Orbit Baby
  • Little Giraffe Swaddle Blankets 4 of 6
    Little Giraffe Swaddle Blankets
    The first few weeks as a newborn, you spend all the time swaddled up. Well, most babies do. And especially my guy since he is a preemie. So far, and I've used quite a few, my favorite and easiest to use has been from Little Giraffe. Not only do I love the featherweight muslin fabric but the size is fairly large for a swaddle blanket and it makes my job "swaddling" much easier.
    Swaddle Blankets from Little Giraffe
  • Blanqi Maternity Underbust High-Perfromance Belly Support Tank 5 of 6
    Blanqi Maternity Underbust High-Perfromance Belly Support Tank
    Okay, this is something I can't live without. I wore it my entire pregnancy to give me a super smooth look under all of my clothes but also to support my growing bump. And well, I don't plan on taking it off anytime soon. After delivery you will be sore and still need that extra support. This tank offers you the best of the both worlds while making you look a good 5 pounds skinner. Well, at least it does for me! I love it. Especially the new trend color collection. It's a great piece to have in your wardrobe.
    The tank you need in your life from Blanqi
  • A Water Bottle 6 of 6
    A Water Bottle
    For exhaustion, breast feeding, and well just staying hydrated - I've learned this time around that water is my best friend. It has become my coffee. I know, crazy to say but it seriously has given me the extra strength in many ways to get through this last week. And of course, I couldn't do it without my favorite water bottle. I love the adorable designs the SIGG Eco Bottles come in. They keep me drinking water all day!
    My favorite, SIGG Water Bottles

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