6 Reasons a Therapist May Suggest Rehoming Your Adopted (or biological) Child

The Child ExchangeThere are still two more parts of the Reuters investigative report “The Child Exchange” yet to come out and I’m not sure I can take any more.  The whole story is horrifying and I wonder…could I end-up being a parent who is so desperate to get my own child (biological or adopted) out of my home? What conditions could create such thoughts and feelings inside of me?

Yesterday I posted “Why I Supported the Adoption “Rehoming” Group that Yahoo and Reuters Shut Down”. As a follow-up, here are some instances that would lead a therapist to recommend finding another family for your (biological or adopted) child to live with:

1.  The child is physically abusing another child in the home

2.  The child is sexually abusing another child in the home

3.  The adoptive parents’ mental health has deteriorated to the point that it’s necessary for the child to be in another family’s care

4.  When the adoptive home has many children and the child needs one-to-one attention that the parents can’t provide

5.  When the child wishes to participate be part of a religion, or spiritual belief system, that the parents aren’t willing to support

6.  When parents refuse to support a child expressing an LGTB identity.

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