6 Teething Remedies

teething featuredTeething. Few developmental milestones are guaranteed to make a baby as miserable as teething. Poor little mouths get all irritated and swollen as those pearly whites work their way to the surface and poor little babies chew, and drool, and whimper their way through the ordeal.

As much as it sucks for babies, it can suck for moms just as much. Never mind the detrimental effect teething can have on sleep (have you ever tried to sleep with a toothache? Ow!), watching her baby be miserable is more than most mom’s hearts can bear.

Teething can start anywhere from 3 months onward and can recur with each new set of teeth. Some moms will tell you that the canines cause the worst discomfort, others will give that dubious honor to molars. Some babies pop teeth like there’s nothing to it, others will find the whole experience horrible. Some babies even get a mild fever right before a tooth is about to come through.

The main remedy for teething is to wait it out. Teeth erupt in their own time. But there are things you can do to make your baby more comfortable in the meantime. Here are a few of my tried and true solutions!

What do you do for your teething baby?

  • Teethers 1 of 6
    This probably seems like a no-brainer but check out teething toys. Lots of them can be chilled for extra comfort and they're a safe way for baby to gnaw away.
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  • Frozen Washcloth 2 of 6
    Frozen Washcloth
    Dampen a washcloth partially (leave a dry spot so it won't be too cold for little hands) and pop it in the freezer. The rough, cold surface feels great on swollen gums!
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  • Teething Tablets 3 of 6
    Teething Tablets
    Scoffers say the homeopathic teething tables are useless but I've taken them after getting dental work and I tell you, they really help.
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  • Frozen Bagel 4 of 6
    Frozen Bagel
    My mom gave me frozen bagels to chomp when I was a teething baby and I continued the tradition with my son!
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  • Chilled Baby Spoon 5 of 6
    Chilled Baby Spoon
    My baby loves chewing on her rubber tipped spoons. I set them in the fridge for a bit to make them even more refreshing.
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  • Tylenol or Motrin 6 of 6
    Tylenol or Motrin
    There's nothing wrong with a dose of pain reliever to relieve pain. Ask your pediatrician about dosing.
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