6 Things to Help With Baby’s First Cold

The weather here in New England is brisk these days, and with all the gorgeous fall colors comes another, less welcome site: runny noses. My family hasn’t gotten our first cold of the season yet, but several of our friends have already come down with their first snot/cough/sore throat virus … and with two kids at two separate schools, I know it’s just a matter of time before someone comes home with a little tickle in the throat or a head full of snot.

My baby was born in June and we all had a very healthy summer, and I’m hoping to keep it that way. However, with all the hugs and kisses and toy sharing in our family, I’m guessing at some point this cold/flu season, my baby is going to come down with something. Since he is my third baby, I can say with some authority that what makes a baby’s cold feel 10 times longer is being unprepared for it.

Here’s a list of stuff I’m going to collect in the next couple weeks to have on-hand at my house, just in case our smallest guy comes down with something.

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    Sometimes the first sign that your babe is getting sick is a fever. When you call your pediatrician (which you should do when any small baby feels warm), he/she is likely going to ask you for your baby's rectal temp, because it's the most accurate. I know it's really intimidating the first time, but your baby won't mind. I promise! 

    Buy this handy infant rectal thermometer at for $11.19.

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    When you talk to your pediatrician, he/she may give you the green light to give your baby some acetaminophen to alleviate some symptoms associated with a cold, such a sore throat. This is another thing you should have stashed away in the medicine cabinet, just in case. Always follow your doctor's dosage instructions!

    Get this baby acetaminophen at for $5.49.

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    saline drops

    If your baby is super congested, then try placing a few saline drops in his nose. It helps loosen up the thick mucus so the snot can drain out. Yummy.

    Pick up these infant saline drops at for $2.99.

  • Suck that Snot 5 of 7

    After you use some saline in your baby's nose it's time to suck the snot out. This is a product I didn't know existed the last time I had a baby, but I've heard good things. I know it looks gross, but people LOVE it. I'm going to try it when my baby has his first cold. I'll keep you posted!

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  • Raise the Humidity 6 of 7

    Getting a cool mist humidifier for your baby's room can help tame a nasty cough and itchy throat!

    Get this cool mist humidifier at Isis Parenting for $58.00.

  • Perk Up! 7 of 7

    Speaking from experience, babies who have colds do not sleep very well. When you discover your baby is sick, you might have a very long night ahead of you. Have some coffee on-hand to perk you up the next day.


    Stay well!

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