6 Tips For a Successful Road Trip With a Baby Who Doesn’t Like The Car

We just returned home from a road trip over the weekend. While it was nice to get away with our family, there are always a little rough moments along the way. Living in the city, we don’t have  a car. Avery isn’t used to being in a car at all because we rarely travel in one. When we do have to ride in a car, Avery makes it very clear that she has no interest in being in her car seat. She fusses, screams, throws things, anything that she can do to get our attention to let us know that too.

Over the weekend, she made it very clear that  once again she did not want to be in the car. We really had no other way of reaching our destination, so we had to travel by car whether Avery liked it or not. Although the beginning of the trip started out a bit rough, by the end of the weekend it was smooth driving with Avery. We figured out how to make the car ride more enjoyable for her, so that the car ride was more pleasant for everyone.

Check out my tips for making a road trip with a baby more successful!

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    There are some babies who don't like the tranquility of a car ride. My daughter is one of them. Check out these tips for making a road trip manageable for a baby who doesn't like the car.

  • Leave at Nap Time 2 of 7

    We left in the middle of the day and the girls were tired and ready for a nap. I skipped Avery's morning nap because I knew that I wanted her to sleep in the car. While she was cranky from skipping a morning nap, as soon as we got in the car, she immediately fell asleep for two hours. It made the first leg of the trip really easy and quiet.

  • Turn up the Music 3 of 7
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    Our family loves to listen to music. As soon as Avery got cranky, I turned the music up to something that she would like to listen to and we had a little sing off in the car. Avery was laughing at our singing and it really took her mind off of the fact that she was stuck in the car seat.

  • Roll Down the Windows 4 of 7
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    The fresh air is really great during a car ride that seems like it's taking a long time. Avery let's us know her frustration of being stuck in the car seat and wanting to get out. The second I roll down the window, the breeze from the fresh air and the scenery from having her window down, immediately calm her.

  • Make a Pit Stop 5 of 7

    If you have time, make a pit stop somewhere so that you can get a change of scenery and let them stretch their legs out. It's amazing what a quick stop at a restaurant can do for everyone's attitude.

  • Bring a Bag Full of New Toys 6 of 7
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    I always have a bag on hand of new and older toys that Avery doesn't play with very often. If she needs to be distracted for a little bit, I'll reach into the bag and grab her a toy. Because she hasn't seen in a long time, it's just like new to her and keeps her busy.

  • Bring a Favorite Snack 7 of 7
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    Avery likes to snack, but just any snack won't do. If Avery is really fussy I bring out her favorite snack to keep her occupied. Sometimes it's her crackers and other times it's blueberries. She can make a big mess with them, but as long as she's happy, I'm happy. The mess can easily be cleaned up. 

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