6 Ways Get Through When You and Baby are Sick

This past week has been less than stellar for our family. As much as I would have loved to ring in the new year with bells and whistles, unfortunately we are all still sick and had to cancel all of our plans and stay inside.

Avery has had a fever for four days now and we finally took her to the doctor last night (yes, New Year’s Eve) because she wasn’t getting any better. She only wants to be held, won’t eat any solids, and is fussy all of the time (which is really not like her.) I am thankful that we took her in because it turns out she has a double ear infection and a sinus infection. They put her on antibiotics right away and I am hoping that she is on the mend.

My husband and I are both still sick as well. With low-grade fevers, hacking coughs, and general discomfort, we are doing the best we can just to get out of the bed every morning. This is the first time that we’ve both been sick at the same time with our kids sick, too. It takes a toll on you, especially when all you want to do is lay in bed and get better.

Although it’s less than ideal to have to take care of a sick baby when you are sick yourself, I’ve had a week to figure out how it can work so that you and the baby can get the rest that you need.

  • Sleep When Baby Sleeps 1 of 6
    I've been so tired the past couple of days. Being sick has really made me feel just awful. Thankfully the girls have taken longer naps than they usually do because they have felt so crummy. Every single time they went down, I did too. I made sure to get as much rest as I could because there were some rough nights when they both couldn't sleep and were up coughing. It made my nap during the day so worth it.
  • Drink When Baby Drinks 2 of 6
    It's so easy to forget about ourselves when we are looking after others. This week, I'd go without lunch because I wasn't hungry or because the girls needed my attention. Avery didn't want anything to do with solids or a bottle and only wanted to nurse. In order for me to really have a great supply, I needed to keep myself hydrated. I made a rule with myself that whenever Avery nursed, I had to drink a glass of water. This made sure that we were both hydrated throughout our day.
  • Remember to Take Care of Yourself When You Can 3 of 6
    I know it's our mother's instincts to take care of our kids when they are sick and to forget about our needs. I knew that if I didn't take care of me too that I'd just prolong this sickness. I made sure to stay hydrated, eat, and got as much rest as I could when the time would allow.
  • Forget the Little Things and Only Focus on Necessities 4 of 6
    Every once in a while during the week the medicine would really kick in and either the girls or I would get a burst of energy. Both girls would destroy the house with their toys during this time. My instinct was to clean it all up when I got my burst of energy. It took me one shot to realize that it was just too much. I felt even more tired after I spent 30 minutes cleaning up that I had before. The mess stayed and I didn't bother to cook dinner. I only focused on the things that were urgent and really needed to be done rather than little, silly things around the house.
  • Nurse Laying Down 5 of 6
    Avery really wanted nothing to do with solids or a bottle for the past four days, which meant that I was always on duty. I wanted to make sure that she got enough to eat and stayed hydrated since she wouldn't take anything else. It brought me back to the newborn days because she was nursing every couple of hours. Because I needed my rest too, I always put her in my bed and nursed her laying down. This was I was able to close my eyes and rest and Avery could do the same.
  • Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help 6 of 6
    Both my husband and I were as sick as ever. We took turns throughout the days with the girls. I would sleep in in the morning and then wake up when Avery woke up from her morning nap and I'd let him sleep much of the afternoon. This allowed us to get the rest that we needed when we felt like we just couldn't do it anymore.

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