6 Ways Online Communities Can Be Toxic for New Moms

Beware of the Cyberbullies!

Trolls, fighting, arguing, and stress… you name it and these online communities created to help moms turn into virtual war zones.

Never been to one?  Save yourself and don’t bother!

Earlier in the week I highlighted all the positives of these online communities. When you weed through all the drama sometimes you will be able to actually build friendships and get some great information. 

But put on your battle gear because  it isn’t all smooth sailing like some moms would hope when they sign up!

I asked my readers on my Facebook fan page and the below were probably the most cited reasons they hate these communities or left them. And I can echo them all repeatedly because I have been there and done that too.

Unfortunately for bloggers it rarely stops!

As long as there is the anonymity of the internet… we will all have a couple bullies.

  • Mom Wars 1 of 6
    Mom Wars
    There are fights over EVERYTHING!
    Formula vs. Breast
    Cloth diapers Vs. Disposable!
    Vaccinating Vs. Non Vaccinating
    And instead of agreeing to disagree, most will just blast on about how much of a bad parent you are.
    How do I know?
    Because when I was a new mom with my oldest son, I was that mom on the other end of the computer telling you everything you are doing is going to fu*k your child up for life!
    I own it, like most new moms... I thought I knew EVERYTHING!
    Three kids, and four years later... I still don't know it all!
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  • Trolls! 2 of 6
    Trolls are not those cute and furry toys we had in the 90's... they are anonymous and faceless bullies on the internet.
    They typically will pick one person and harass them like crazy.
    We see it in the blogging community all the time!
    But these boards... are chock full of them, and they are typically members who don't have the guts to say these things under their real online handle.
    The kind of behavior you expect on a playground, not from mothers!
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  • Hypochondriac’s! 3 of 6
    If you want to see a group of women who think they or their babies are dying at the turn of every hat... go for it!
    Just the other day my friend Steph who is due in March was telling me about her due date board and how everyone has something SERIOUS wrong with them.
    For her, while she is having a healthy pregnancy... it is SCARY!
    Same goes for new mothers worrying about their new baby.
    Stay away, and if you are worried just call your doctor not the web MD's online!
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  • War Stories 4 of 6
    War Stories
    You know those moms... that tell you all the horror stories of having kids and what they get into.
    Those same moms that make you question WHY on EARTH you ever decided to have kids?
    Yeah, those old Vet's are ALL over the place!
    You will get enough of that with your Mother and Grandmother! You don't need it from strangers too!
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  • Underlying Insanity 5 of 6
    Underlying Insanity
    When one of my readers on Facebook suggested some of the women who flock to these boards have an "underlying insanity" issue I almost had to chuckle...
    I could totally see that!
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  • Judgement 6 of 6
    You don't need a bunch of strangers on the internet judging every choice you make as a mom!
    And there is a lot of that taking place on these boards!
    Skip the stress, because believe me... it will start to bother you in real life!
    I'e been there and am STILL there as a blogger!
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