7 Baby Gear Items to Avoid Buying Used

According to Consumer Reports, some baby gear just isn’t worth buying used. I’m all about preparing for Baby and not breaking my budget, but here are seven items that moms are better off buying new.

Play Yard 1 of 7
Graco Pack 'N Play TotBloc Playard
Why buy new? Older play yards and play pens may have a top-rail hinge that can collapse, putting children at risk of being trapped or strangled. Safety standards put in place over the past few years have corrected this problem for newer play yards.

Need a suggestion? Try this cheery play yard from Graco.
Nursing Bras 2 of 7
La Leche League Soft Cup Padded Nursing Bra (4214)
Why buy new? That nursing bra at the consignment shop may be labeled as your correct size, but in reality, it may not be. Bras can become loose, the elastic stretched and misshapen with frequent use. Just think about what happens to your own favorite bras after a few months. For the sake of your aching back (and to reduces the chances of one), consider skipping used and buying new.

Need a suggestion? Try this comfy nursing bra from La Leche League.
Crib Mattress 3 of 7
Safety 1st Transitions Baby and Toddler Mattress, White
Why buy new? Bed bugs can be an issue when buying any mattress used, but the real concern with crib mattresses is the possibility that the mattress is misshapen or flattened in uneven spots from a previous tyke jumping up and down on it. It's one thing for a toddler to sleep on a mattress that might have little unseen dips and valleys in it, but this kind of surface unevenness could pose a risks for infants.

Need a suggestion? Try this crib mattress from Safety1st.
Soft Infant Carrier 4 of 7
Evenflo Breathe Soft Carrier
Why buy new? Going through the wash, being pulled at by a growing baby, fasteners and adjustment rings worn out from use... That used baby carrier you're eyeing at the tag sale may have been through more than its appearance reveals, especially soft carriers. It could also be part of a recent recall that you're not aware of, prompting Consumer Reports to urge parents to buy their carriers new.

Need a suggestion? Try this front carrier from Evenflo.
Breast Pump 5 of 7
The First Years miPump Double Electric Breast Pump
Why buy new? Unless it's a hospital grade rental that has all tubing and other parts replaced between users, Consumer Reports compares buying a used breast pump to sharing someone else's toothbrush. It seems manufacturers are listening on this one because I have seen tubing replacement kits.

Need a suggestion? Try this double electric breast pump from the First Years.
Crib 6 of 7
Stork Craft Valentia Fixed Side Convertible Crib
Why buy new? Due to countless recalls and the major change in the past years banning drop-side cribs, it just makes sense to buy this baby gear essential brand new. For me, this meant turning down a beautiful crib my sister offered me that had a drop-side. To extend your investment, look for cribs that convert to a toddler bed.

Which crib is right for you? Check out this beautiful sleigh style crib from Stork Craft.
Car Seat 7 of 7
Britax Marathon 70-G3 Convertible Car Seat
Why buy new? Simply put, you just never know if a used car seat has been through a crash or has been subject to a recall. Your best bet, says Consumer Reports, is to pass up the consignment shop model and buy your baby's car seat new.

Need a suggestion? Try this convertible car seat from Britax .

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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