7 Baby Items That Both of My Kids Have Loved

When I registered for baby items with my first daughter, Harlan, I honestly didn’t think about whether or not the gear would last for more than one child. I bought what I liked and that was the end of it.

When we moved from Tampa to NYC there was a lot of baby gear that we saved just in case we did have another baby. When I got pregnant with Avery we went to our storage unit to get a few of the items we saved from Harlan. I had no idea what the condition of most of the items would be in because they had been in the storage unit for well over a year, but we thought we would give it a try and see if Avery would use it.

To my surprise, we have gotten a lot of use out of many of the same baby items we used for Harlan. I know that every baby is different and what one might love the other might hate. But there are several items that we have used for both girls and they both have loved. Check out the 7 baby items after the jump!

  • Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing 1 of 7
    Fisher Price My Little Lamb Swing
    This swing was a lifesaver for Avery because she slept in it for the first four months. Avery loved this thing and it would be the only way I could get her to sleep through the night. Harlan loved it when she was a newborn and as she got older, she preferred it while she was awake to sit and play. It's held up between both girls and has withstood hours and hours of use.
    Find it here for $160.
  • Baby Einstein Jumperoo 2 of 7
    Baby Einstein Jumperoo
    This jumperoo is a favorite of both girls. From the second that the pediatrician gave me the go ahead to use this with Avery, she immediately went in and loved every second. There are so many great activities to keep them occupied and entertained. Both of my girls loved to jump up and down in this thing. I love that it folds flat for easy storage.
    Find it here for $89.99.
  • Sophie the Giraffe 3 of 7
    Sophie the Giraffe
    What baby doesn't love Sophie? Avery is a horrible teether and this has helped somewhat alleviate it. I bring this thing with me everywhere we go and she always has it in her mouth. Harlan wasn't a bad teether, but loved the squeaky sound that it made.
    Find it here for $19.99.
  • Boppy 4 of 7
    I love that the Boppy is multi-functional. I used it to nurse both girls and also used it as a support for them when they couldn't sit up. They preferred it when they didn't want to lie flat on their back.
    Find it here for $39.99.
  • Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Mat 5 of 7
    Baby Einstein Baby Neptune Ocean Adventure Mat
    I received this as a gift at my baby shower when I was pregnant with Harlan. I love the bright colors and that it easily folds down for storage. Both girls love the musical lights that play as well as all of the bright colors. Even at six months, Avery continues to love this mat.
    Find it here for $69.99.
  • Dr. Browns Wide Neck Bottles 6 of 7
    Dr. Browns Wide Neck Bottles
    Harlan used bottles a lot more than Avery because I went back to work three months after she was born. I was still nursing her as well and wanted to find a bottle that wouldn't confuse her between the two. After trying several brands, a friend suggested I try Dr. Browns and I haven't looked back since. These were the first bottles I used with Avery and she loves them. I've never had a problem with either girls between bottle and nursing.
    Find it here for $19.99.
  • Bumbo 7 of 7
    Ok, before I even get started with this. I know that this has been recalled. I honestly think it's because parents aren't properly supervising their kids and putting it on elevated surfaces. I've used this with both of my girls and it has helped out tremendously. When both of my girls weren't able to sit up yet, I would plop them right in this thing and they could sit with me while I played with them. We've brought it on vacation with us and it's been incredibly helpful and convenient.
    Find it here.

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