7 Christmas Eve Traditions

christmas eve traditionsOver the years, we have formed several Christmas eve traditions that have become important to our family.

As our older kids have grown, we have come to the realization how important these things we do each year are to them. So while your little one maybe too young to participate in all of your traditions, do include them in as much as possible. Family traditions create memories that are priceless!

Here are our 7 Christmas Eve Traditions:

  • Church Service 1 of 7
    Church Service
    Keeping the holiday sacred is important to us, as we celebrate the birth of Christ, Christmas eve service is a must.
  • Kids Get to Open Christmas PJ’s 2 of 7
    Kids Get to Open Christmas PJ's
    It's the same gift every year. Every Christmas eve, the kids open their Christmas pajamas.
  • Reading the Christmas Story 3 of 7
    Reading the Christmas Story
    With our first child we were given a sweet book telling the Christmas story. It takes all of 10 minutes, but reading it to the kids on Christmas eve has become a tradition.
  • Cookies for Santa 4 of 7
    Cookies for Santa
    While we are pretty sure the older kids don't believe in Santa, there is no way they would tell us! Each year the kids leave out milk and cookies for the jolly dude.
  • Making Christmas Poo 5 of 7
    Making Christmas Poo
    Remember Mr. Hanky the Christmas poo? No? oh - let's just say several years ago, my truffles came out looking turdy. So Christmas Poo was born! Each year it's made and enjoyed by many on Christmas eve.
  • Exchanging Gifts with the Husband 6 of 7
    Exchanging Gifts with the Husband
    After tucking the kids in on Christmas eve, my husband and I exchange gifts. It gives us some quiet in the chaos to enjoy exchanging gifts.
  • Prepping for Christmas Morning 7 of 7
    Prepping for Christmas Morning
    After the gift exchange, we play break out the hidden gifts and lay them out under the tree.

Looking back at the photos of our other kids from Christmas eve traditions of year’s past – include your baby in as many photo as possible. Babies grow up!

What Christmas Eve Tradition Does Your Family Celebrate?


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