7 Great Gifts for Nursing Moms

Breastfeeding is at the center of my life right now as I try to get my supply back up and help Avery gain the weight that she needs to. I plan on nursing her until she is at least one year old and then we will see where our journey takes us from there. I absolutely love the bonding time that we get when I am nursing Avery and cherish every moment of it.

There are so many great nursing clothes and accessories that can make your breastfeeding life easier and more comfortable. I have several items on my Christmas list to add to my breastfeeding accessories. If you are a nursing mom that wants to add gear and accessories to your holiday list this year, I’ve gathered some of my favorite nursing items as well as some that I can’t wait to try!

  • KoalaKin Hands Free Nursing Pouch 1 of 7
    KoalaKin Hands Free Nursing Pouch
    I bought this when I first had Avery and have been using it ever since. As a mom of two this helps me multi-task with my toddler while still being able to nurse Avery. It's also helped a little bit with keeping her from being distracted while nursing.
    For more information visit KoalaKin, $89.99
  • Belabumbum Nursing Chemise 2 of 7
    Belabumbum Nursing Chemise
    I received a couple Belabumbum loungewear items as gifts soon after I had Avery. They are the most comfortable things to sleep in. I always try to wear nursing friendly items to bed in case Avery wakes up in the middle of the night. Belabumbum makes comfortable nursing wear that is still stylish.
    For more information visit Belabumbum, $62.00
  • Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover 3 of 7
    Bebe Au Lait Nursing Cover
    I bring this nursing cover with me everywhere. Because I nurse Avery on demand, I am always prepared to nurse her out in public. I love this nursing cover because it is long enough to cover everything and the great peek through at the top stays put so that I can always watch Avery while she is nursing.
    For more information visit Bebe Au Lait, $35.00
  • Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump 4 of 7
    Hygeia Enjoye Breast Pump
    I've been using this breast pump since Avery was born and it is my absolute favorite thing when it comes to nursing. Now that I am pumping a lot more than I am used to, we have become very close. I had another pump when I was nursing Harlan and it didn't work as well as this one does. I like that it is portable and lightweight.
    For more information visit Hygeia, $289.99
  • Bravado Designs Rebecca Minkoff Essential Nursing Tank 5 of 7
    Bravado Designs Rebecca Minkoff Essential Nursing Tank
    This is probably my favorite nursing tank that I own. Fashion icon Rebecca Minkoff designed this nursing tank for Bravado Designs and it is so fashionable. You can wear it around the house or out with a cute camisole over it.
    For more information visit Bravado Designs, $39.00
  • Milkin Cookies Lactation Cookies 6 of 7
    Milkin Cookies Lactation Cookies
    What mom doesn't love cookies? How about cookies that help her milk supply? I have heard of recipes that you can bake your own cookies, but some busy moms like myself just can't find the time. I have this on my list for gifts this year for a month's supply to help keep my milk supply up. I've heard from several friends who have tried them and say they taste great and really do work.
    For more information visit Milkin Cookies, $44.99 for One Month Supply
  • Little Black Dress 7 of 7
    Little Black Dress
    Dresses can easily get thrown out of your wardrobe when you start nursing because there is no easy way to nurse in a dress. I love that this dress is stylish, but still has a hidden flap that easily lifts up for nursing moms to nurse their baby.
    For more information visit Milk Face, $75.00

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