7 Hilarious Homemade Baby Shower Onesies

One of my favorite parts of going to a baby shower is not only celebrating the mom-to-be, but also for the fun and creative games played that are centered all around the baby. A recent trend in baby shower games is to have your guests design their own onesies for your baby to wear. I had never heard of this when I had my baby shower with Harlan, but would have loved to see what my guests would have come up with.

Last week a dad-to-be shared some of the homemade onesies that his guests made at their baby shower. I was so impressed at how creative and funny his guests made the onesies. I’ll admit that I probably wouldn’t let my baby out of the house in some of them, but I definitely appreciate the humor.

For more funny baby shower onesies, check out the full list from The Huffington Post!

  • It’s the Truth 1 of 7
    It's the Truth
    Between being spit up on and pooped on, this onesie says it all for those first few months.
  • Math Humor 2 of 7
    Math Humor
    As a former science teacher and a secret math lover, I think this shirt is my absolute favorite.
  • SNL Love 3 of 7
    SNL Love
    The dad-to-be said that they were fans of the recent SNL skit. I don't think you have to see the skit to understand what this onesie is insinuating.
  • Diaper Duty 4 of 7
    Diaper Duty
    I think this is every baby's secret agenda.
  • Star Trek Baby 5 of 7
    Star Trek Baby
    This baby is going to be a Trekkie before you know it!
  • A Glimpse of Birth 6 of 7
    A Glimpse of Birth
    A little bit graphic, but so funny and creative!
  • Dirty Dancing Baby 7 of 7
    Dirty Dancing Baby
    One of my favorite movies of all time! Love what they did with this.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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