7 Magical Uses for Breast Milk

breast-milk.jpgBreastfeeding has been going so well with my almost 6-month-old, and I am thankful to be able to provide him with all of his nutrition at this time. I’ve breastfed before, but it always seems that during the early stages, there are multiple times I wonder how long we will be able to stick it out.

Breastfeeding is not easy, and odds are you’re often questioning whether everything is going the way it should. With “Silver,” I get the visual cues that he’s getting all the food he needs thanks to his adorable baby rolls. He was born on the lower side of weight for me, so it’s been really amazing to see how he thrives on breast milk alone.

Breast milk is pretty magical, if you ask me. I am always impressed that my body knows how to make it and the different changes it goes through depending on my baby’s needs. It’s really impressive and it turns out, breast milk may have more uses than just food for a baby. Of course you should check with your doctor if you or your baby are having medical concerns, but here are some homeopathic uses of breast milk that other families have found.

1. Treat pink eye

When I was nursing my third child a few years ago, she developed pink eye and had a lot of pain. I took some expressed breast milk and put it in an eye dropper. Just putting one or two drops in each eye decreased the pain and redness.

Read more about treating pink eye with breast milk from The Healthy Home Economist

2. Soothe sore throats

All you need is a small amount of breast milk and the willingness to gargle with it, according to Body Enlightenment. The soothing qualities of antibodies and fat content help aid the scratchy soreness in your throat when you’re sick.

3. Sunburn relief

The soothing qualities that makes breast milk great for sore throats makes it a wonderful tool for sunburn relief. The combination of antibodies in the milk act as a great protector, helping to stop the pain and heal the skin quickly.

Read more about how breast milk can help heal burns here

4. Stop itching from mosquito bites

If your neighborhood is anything like mine, mosquitoes are all over the place. I don’t like the smell of bug spray and yet even when we use it, it doesn’t seem to stop those annoying insects from biting. Not only does breast milk help stop itching from bites, but studies have shown that components of breast milk are also active against West Nile Virus!

Read more about breastfeeding and West Nile Virus from KellyMom.com

5. Heal sore nipples

Sore nipples are common when you just start breastfeeding, but sore nipples can happen at any point during breastfeeding (or even when you’re not). If you have sore nipples, La Leche League suggests rubbing a little expressed milk on your nipple and letting it air dry to help heal.

Read more information on how to help heal sore, cracked nipples from La Leche League

6. Treat cradle cap

I’ve tried this one myself and it worked, but I’m not the only one who has seen the benefit of breast milk when trying to clear up cradle cap. All you need to do is place some expressed milk on your baby’s head, rub it into your baby’s head, and breast milk will work its magic!

7. Clear up diaper rash

Much like how breast milk can help soothe burns, bites, and cradle cap — it’s also effective when your baby has a diaper rash. The redness will be taken care of with the healing qualities of breast milk, and nothing is better than a natural remedy.

For more tips on how to clear up diaper rash, read more on Dr. Sears.

Have you ever used breast milk for anything other than to feed a child?

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