7 On-The-Go Snacks For Kids of All Ages

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Living in the city, we walk everywhere. Most of the time we are out, we are gone for long periods of time, and the girls are bound to get hungry. I don’t have much room to carry a lot, so I try to pack everything that is the most convenient and can work for both girls. That includes snacks.

Avery is at the age where she wants everything her big sister has. If Harlan is eating something, Avery is begging for the same thing.  It makes packing my bag much easier because I only have to pack one item, but I do have to think about snacks that are appropriate for both girls. Harlan and Avery are two years apart, and I want to make sure Avery can manage to eat the things she sees Harlan eating.

Over the past couple of months, I’ve come up with some of my go-to snacks that work for both girls regardless of age. Check out some of our favorite snacks that are great for families that are on the go, and that children of any age will love!

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  • Dried Fruit 2 of 8

    My girls are big fruit eaters. They would choose fruit over any food that I gave them. Dried fruit is a great snack kids can enjoy on the go because it still has many of the great healthy qualities that fruit does — without the mess that some fruit can leave. Some of our favorites are dried mango and apple. Raisins are also great for kids big and small. Avery is able to enjoy them with just a few teeth, and Harlan tries to eat handfuls at a time. 


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  • Yogurt Drops 3 of 8

    These are a great snack that even I enjoy. Whether you choose to make them yourself or just buy them from the store, these are really delicious treats. The pre-packaged yogurt drops come in a variety of flavors and can be found in the baby food section, but don't let that fool you. My oldest daughter has been enjoying these things for years. They taste just like yogurt without the need for a spoon! 

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  • Cheddar Crackers 4 of 8

    These cute little fish-shaped crackers are a classic snack everyone enjoys. I used to break them into smaller pieces for Avery before she had teeth, while Harlan enjoys the individual snack-size packages. These are easy for me to throw in my stroller on the way to pick up Harlan from school, and she can easily snack on them during our walk home. I put some in Avery's stroller tray, and she's happy on our stroll home as well. 

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  • Pretzel Sticks 5 of 8

    We always have pretzel sticks stocked in our house because they make a great snack to enjoy on the go, and we love to dip them in hummus while at home. When Avery was just getting interested in snacks, I'd break them into little pieces so it was easy for her to eat them, and now she enjoys having the stick in her hand so she can bite it with her little front teeth. Pack these in a baggie, and have them on hand all the time because they are easy to clean up if spilled, and everyone loves them. 

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  • Granola Bars 6 of 8

    If you have time, granola bars are easy to make from scratch! You can prepare them with your kids' favorite dried fruit, and then cut the mix into individual bars so they can be easily carried on the go. If you don't have time, there are plenty of varieties at the store that taste great! I gave Avery her first granola bar a couple of months ago, and now she can't get enough. They give both of the girls just a little bit of sweetness that they need while still providing some healthy nutrients. 

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  • Cereal Bars 7 of 8

    The girls could easily have these all the time if I let them. I buy the bar that has their favorite fruit, and I always throw them in my bag while we are out and about. They were just soft enough for Avery when she didn't have any teeth, while Harlan can easily eat the whole thing within a matter of bites. 

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  • Fruit Squeezers 8 of 8

    Fruit squeezers have always been my go-to snack while we are out and about. They are easy to carry and always delicious. The girls love them, and I love that they don't make a mess! Harlan can easily eat them with one hand while holding my hand on the way home from school. 

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