7 Shoes To Add Sparkle To Your Baby Girl’s Holiday Outfit

7 Shoes To Add Sparkle To Your Baby Girl's Holiday OutfitFor as much as I do not dress my baby girl in overtly “girly” outfits, I’m kind of a sucker for a bit of sparkle. That said, I don’t want it to look like she was thrown up on by a glitter monster, because sparkle, like most bold fashion statements, is best used in moderation. But while sparkle may seem like the ultimate in “girly girl” baby fashions and it would seem counterintuitive that I (lover of all things neutral) should want to dress my baby in it, nothing says “girl” quite like sparkle and when it’s added to an outfit comprised of more neutral items. When Fern is wearing sparkly shoes paired with more “boyish” items like a little button-up and jeans, there is no doubt that she is a girl.

And call me a traditionalist, but I love a bit of sparkle added to a cute little holiday outfit. In my hunt for the perfect (tasteful) sparkly shoes, I found 7 that were particularly cute and one made the cut as Fern’s shoes for her holiday outfit!

  • Dolly by Le Petit Tom Baby Ballerinas 1 of 7
    Dolly by Le Petit Tom Baby Ballerinas
    These beautiful Italian leather baby shoes encrusted in silver glitter are quite possibly my favorite shoes in this bunch. I kind of want them in my size.
    Purchase from Le Petit Tom €43.00
  • Studded Mary Janes 2 of 7
    Studded Mary Janes
    Classic holiday red with a a bit of "sparkle" by way of the chic gold studs. Studs on a little baby girl are so fun and unexpected!
    Purchase from Zara for $35.90
  • Metallic T-Strap Ballet Flats 3 of 7
    Metallic T-Strap Ballet Flats
    Fern already has these and I love them (so much that I even bought them in the next size up!). They aren't quite as shiny as this picture and the shape is much better. Basically they're super cute and super cheap with just a dash of sparkle to jazz up a holiday outfit -- or really any outfit for that matter!
    Purchase from Old Navy for $8.00
  • Trendy Ballerina Shoes 4 of 7
    Trendy Ballerina Shoes
    These ballerina shoes are classically chic with just a hint of sparkle from the metallic stripe on the toe cap - perfect for those who are looking for a tiny bit of sparkle and not a glitter monster explosion. Definitely tasteful.
    Purchase from Zara for $29.90
  • Pepé ballet flats 5 of 7
    Pepé ballet flats
    I would've loved these as a kid and I'm pretty sure Fern would be mesmerized by the rainbow sparkles. I wouldn't think rainbow sparkles on a shoe could be cute, but somehow these manage to pull it off. Bravo.
    Purchase from Little Vida for $90.00
  • Glitter Lace-Front Shoes 6 of 7
    Glitter Lace-Front Shoes
    These are the shoes I ended up going with for Fern's holiday ensemble. These are also much cuter in person (what's the deal with your online photos Old Navy?) and I like the fact that they tie, because tie shoes are basically the only kind that will stay put on her feet these days. Can't wait to dress her up in her little outfit and take her to see Santa in these!
    Purchase from Old Navy for $9.94
  • Stuart Weitzman 7 of 7
    Stuart Weitzman
    I've seen the Stuart Weitzman baby shoes at Nordstrom before, but usually haven't been a fan. But these ones would be cute with a little holiday dress and they look super comfy, which is obviously important as well - it's not just about fashion you know!
    Purchase from Nordstrom for $36.00

Article Posted 4 years Ago

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