7 Surefire Ways to Tell if Youre a New Mom

Mom with newborn baby
Having one of these is a good sign you're a new mom, but it's not the only sign

Oh, sure, a baby in your arms 24/7/365 is a great way to tell if you’re a new mom. But it isn’t actually the only way.

Life changes when you become a mom. In big ways — like, you’re a mom now. But also in smaller, more subtle ways.

If that little bundle in your arms isn’t proof positive that you’ve entered the New Mom club, then any of these 7 signs should help tip you off:


  • Baby crying on an airplane? Meh. 1 of 7
    Baby crying on an airplane? Meh.
    Who would have thought you'd ever be thrilled to hear a baby crying on a plane? Because as long as it's not your baby who's doing the crying, who cares, right?
  • Butt sniffing 2 of 7
    Butt sniffing
    Before you were a mom you probably never imagined you'd be sniffing someone else's butt quite so often. And yet here you are, with your face in someone else's butt. Quite often.
  • More poop 3 of 7
    More poop
    You can spend hours, nay, days discussing poop. What color it is, how the texture and consistency change daily, how often it, uh, materializes. And those are just the conversations with the total stranger in line behind you at the supermarket.
  • Photos 4 of 7
    Did you really used to have an image of yourself as your Facebook profile picture? How quaint! How before motherhood! Sure, maybe you'll post another picture of yourself someday. Like, when your baby has a baby of his or her own (although on second thought, at that point you'll probably just switch your profile picture to one of your grandbaby).
  • Supersonic hearing 5 of 7
    Supersonic hearing
    You knew from seeing a doctor annually that your hearing was fine. But until you became a mom, you never knew you had the ah-mazing ability to hear a pin before it dropped. You learned quickly about your Spidey-like sense because if that pin is going to wake the baby, you are going to make sure you get to it before it drops.
  • Snacks 6 of 7
    Time was if you were hungry, you thought about fixing yourself something to eat or going out to grab a bite. That time was before you were a mom.
    Now that you're a mom, you're like a human vending machine. You carry snacks for the baby. You carry snacks for you. You even carry snacks for anyone who might be hungry in a three-state radius. Because no one is happy when they're hungry.
  • Wah WAH Wah 7 of 7
    Wah WAH Wah
    No, that's not the sound of your baby crying. It's kind of like the sound of Charlie Brown's teacher talking, which is to say that when your baby is crying, you can't hear anything else, or at least discern what is being said.
    When you're a new mom you can focus on nothing else but the sound of your baby crying, and that includes even after the baby has stopped crying (because at that time you're listening to hear if the baby is going to start crying again).

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