7 Things I Hear Now That I’m a Mom of Three

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Having three kids has brought on many more parenting challenges than I could have ever imagined. My transition from one to two was very easy, but three children is an entirely new ballgame.

With three kids, my husband and I are officially outnumbered. When I’m all alone with the kids and all three need me to do something for them but I have the baby in one hand, I only have one more hand to help the other two. To be frank, it’s hard.

But no matter how many children you have, it’s always going to be challenging. And with a good challenge brings on a good effort to overcome it. Although I try every day to become a better parent through the many challenges, it’s always so apparent to me that people love to point out just how hard it can be with three. I am almost always stopped when I am out with all of my children. I have no idea why, but someone always has to say something.

Now that I have three children, here are the comments that I hear the most (along with responses that I’d love to say back, but end up biting my tongue):

1. “Are they all yours?”

Of course they are all mine. You think I would voluntarily walk into the grocery store with three kids that weren’t mine?

2. “Can I give you a hand with that?”

I love when people offer to help, but most of the time they are asking when one kid is throwing a tantrum and the other two insist on being held.

3. “Now that you have three, what’s one more?”

Ha! Now that’s funny.

4. “Wow! You’ve been busy.”

How am I even supposed to respond to this?

5. “So, how is it?”

How is what? Being a mom? Three kids? It’s all tough, very tough. But I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

6. “Good thing you finally got your boy!”

Yes, finally! Because I wasn’t going to stop until I got him. (Total sarcasm here.)

7. “You look tired.”

Thank you. That’s exactly what I want to hear after a night with a toddler that refused to go to sleep at bedtime and a baby that was up every three hours. I am tired, but no need to point out that the bags under my eyes are that noticeable.

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