7 Things I Miss Now That I’m Not Nursing

It’s been two weeks since Avery stopped nursing. I miss it more than I ever thought that I would. Although there are things that I can enjoy now that I’m not nursing, there are so many things about it that I miss.

You know the age old saying of “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone.” This saying holds true for me and my nursing journey. I tried so hard to make it to that 12 month mark with Avery that it took a lot of strength and time to really do it. I was exhausted most of the time because either Avery was to squirmy or distracted to nurse or I wasn’t producing enough for her. It was hard work. But I miss the hard work. And I miss a lot more than that too.

  • I Miss It 1 of 8
    I Miss It
    There are so many things that I miss from our nursing sessions.
  • Dream Feeds 2 of 8
    Dream Feeds
    Late night dream feeds were my absolute favorite. I'd wake Avery up right before I went to bed and just hold her closely and nurse her. She would fall asleep back in my arms while nursing. It was honestly one of the best feelings in the world to hold her like that.
  • The Bonding 3 of 8
    The Bonding
    Breastfeeding provides such an incredible bond between a mother and her baby. I think that is why I am having such a hard time with the end because I felt like I was so connected with Avery when we nursed.
  • The Uninterrupted 15 Minutes 4 of 8
    The Uninterrupted 15 Minutes
    Because Avery was such a squirmy and distracted nurser I had to go into a quiet room to feed her. Everyone knew that if Avery and I went away, you just had to give us time because I really needed her to eat. I loved that I could get 15 minutes with her throughout the day with just the two of us.
  • My Boobs 5 of 8
    My Boobs
    Breastfeeding provides you with some amazing boobs. I had very small breasts before and then once my milk came in, I was so impressed with them. Now that most of my milk is gone, my breasts have gone with it too.
  • Staring Contests 6 of 8
    Staring Contests
    Not those kind of staring contests. Every time that Avery and I nursed we would look at each other in the eyes the entire time. It was a magical moment between just the two of us, I'm really going to miss that.
  • Her Genuine Need For Me 7 of 8
    Her Genuine Need For Me
    I know that Avery needs me, but now she doesn't need me the way that she used to. She used to need me for nourishment. Only I could be the person that provided that for her. Now that's just no longer the case.
  • Assurance of Alone Time With Her 8 of 8
    Assurance of Alone Time With Her
    It's hard to get alone time with your child when you have more than one. Nursing Avery guaranteed that alone time. She needed me to nurse throughout the day and I knew we would have our time together. Now it's not as much of a guarantee anymore.

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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