7 Things I've Learned In The 7 Days After Having My Baby

wolf brown
I'm convinced Wolf is already learning to smile at 1 week old!

Wolf is officially one week old!  In our first week with him, we’ve experienced a whirlwind of emotions.  I’ve cried big sobby tears, I’ve laughed harder than I’ve ever laughed before and my heart has swelled with love.  He’s the most amazing thing that has come into our lives and we’re over the moon with love for him. It’s been quite a learning experience so far and I’m sure there’s still lots more to learn! 

Here are 7 things I’ve learned in Wolf’s first 7 days.

1.  There is such a thing as Mom instinct. And it kicks in immediately.  Before Wolf, I’d never held a baby before.  Ever.  I wasn’t sure I’d know what to do or how to take care of a newborn.  Honestly, it amazes me how much I do know.  And how much is that motherly instinct.

2.  Newborn diaper changes are quite the task! We’ve had more mid-changing pees and poops that I care to remember.  I’m convinced Wolf likes to expel his waste while naked.

3.  Sleep is golden. I knew sleep would come at a high price once the baby was born, but I didn’t realize how much I would cherish those few hours of rest I can squeeze in while Wolf is sleeping.

4.  Breastfeeding is a lot of work. 7 days postpartum, my milk still hasn’t come in.  I’ve been pumping to stimulate milk production and supplementing at the breast non-stop all week.  Plus, my nipples aren’t quite used to all this attention just yet!

5.  Learning to multi-task is imperative. So far I’ve become a pro at multi tasking.  Pumping one breast while breastfeeding on the other or rocking the baby to sleep while typing emails on my iPhone.

6.  Seeing the love your husband has for your new baby will make your heart melt. I’ve seen hearts and stars shooting from my husbands eyes when he gazes at Wolf and it makes my emotions explode.  He’s been incredible with Wolf so far, swaddling him, rocking him to sleep and playing with his little hands.  Watching them together is sure to constantly make me melt.

7.  The kind of love you feel for your new baby is like nothing you’ve ever felt before. I want everything to be perfect for Wolf.  I want his little life to be filled with every good thing I can give him.  And I’m quite certain it’s the love that I have for him that motivates me so much.  He’s quite an incredible little person!

Article Posted 5 years Ago

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