7 Things to Have Handy When Baby is Sick

Keep these 7 things handy to make life easier when baby is sick!
Keep these 7 things handy to make life easier when baby is sick!

It’s crazy how your baby one minute can be all happy and playful, then WHAM!

Baby is sick. All hell is breaking loose. What’s a mom to do?

Three of our kids have had croup the last few weeks. From that I quickly realized keeping a few things handy is extremely useful and helps relieve a wee bit of stress.

Nothing is worse then having to run to the closest 24-hour store (which is usually not very close!) to pick up this or that.

Keep these 7 must-have items handy to make your life easier when baby is sick:

  • Humidifier 1 of 7
    We recently purchased a clean-air filter free humidifier. Talk about a world of difference. There isn't the funky smell that the older humidifiers we owned had.
  • Vicks Baby Rub 2 of 7
    Vicks Baby Rub
    Vicks Baby Rub is contains soothing aloe vera and fragrances of eucalyptus, rosemary, and lavender. Rub on your baby's chest to help with congestion.
  • Pedialyte 3 of 7
    Prevent dehydration with Pedialyte.
    The Pedialyte packets are fabulous since they are easy to transport and don't have an immediate expiration.
  • Infant Tylenol and/or Infant Motrin 4 of 7
    Infant Tylenol and/or Infant Motrin
    Always keep handy Infant Tylenol and Infant Motrin. Check the package for correct dosage and any age restrictions.
  • Thermometer 5 of 7
    We prefer the temporal artery thermometer. It's easy to use, you just rub it across your child's head.
  • Nasal Aspirator 6 of 7
    Nasal Aspirator
    Yes, the beloved nose sucker. Keep the nose sucker of your liking handy for those nasty boogers.
  • Butt Paste 7 of 7
    Butt Paste
    Good ol' butt paste is must have. You never know when a sick tummy will lead to a nasty diaper rash.

By keeping these few things handy, you will at least get a head start on anything you can do before you can get your baby in to see your Pediatrician.

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