7 Tips for Building A Stylish Nursing Wardrobe

There’s a lot of discussion about dressing after pregnancy. There’s that horrible period where you have to keep wearing maternity clothes even though you’re so sick of all of them that you’d happily set them on fire. Then there’s the transitional period where you buy pants with buttons but they’re two sizes larger than any pants you’ve ever owned before. Then there’s the joyous moment when you try on pre-pregnancy clothes and BEHOLD! They fit! Sorta. Like, they zip up and all but it’s a drastically different look than it was before baby. You’re the same size and have all the same parts but nothing is exactly where you left it.

The other dressing challenge in finding good nursing-friendly gear. Your favorite turtleneck is not going to be your friend if you need to feed the baby in public unless you’re cool with pulling it up and showing off your whole torso. Button-down tops are better for pumping than nursing. The buttons are hard to manage one-handed while you’re holding the baby and you always have to unbutton further than you think  And that sweater-dress you bought last winter? Danger, Will Robinson! Not suitable for nursing!

I’ve nursed both as a working mom and a stay at home mom now so I feel pretty confident in picking an outfit that works for my breastfeeding needs. Here are a few items to consider:

  • Invest in Good Bras 1 of 7
    Invest in Good Bras
    I say stretchy, soft cups are the best because your breasts change size as they fill and empty during the day. I find underwires are too poky to accommodate the shifts. This bra from Bravado is my all-time favorite.
    Purchase from Bravado for $49
  • Buy Basics 2 of 7
    Buy Basics
    Places like Motherhood Maternity have great nursing tops. Keep an eye out for sales on staples and buy a bunch in different colors! This pull-down top is one of my favorites. I add a cardigan to take it from summer to winter.
    Purchase from Motherhood maternity for $21.98
  • Camis For Day And Night 3 of 7
    Camis For Day And Night
    You can never have too many nursing camis. I like this basic style from Target for layering under tops that you have to pull up because they cover your belly. They provide built-in support and look styling under v-necks. I wear them to sleep as well as during the day because they're so comfy.
    Purchase from Target for $19.99
  • V-Necks Are The Best 4 of 7
    V-Necks Are The Best
    Crew necks and turtlenecks won't stretch down enough to allow a boob out.  V-neck shirts and sweaters allow easy access. But pay attention to fabric! 100% cotton doesn't snap back and looks saggy after it's been pulled down. Look for something with some stretch like this bright sweater. I wear sweaters like this all winter.
    Purchase from Old Navy for $24.95
  • Wrap Dresses: Fancy and Practical 5 of 7
    Wrap Dresses: Fancy and Practical
    I don't think Diane Von Furstenberg was thinking of nursing mothers when she made the wrap dress a wardrobe must-have but they sure do provide easy access to breastfeeding! I loved them for pumping at work too. Stylish and professional!
    Purchase from Macy's for $86.40
  • Make Accessories Do Double Duty 6 of 7
    Make Accessories Do Double Duty
    A pretty scarf can add a nice pop to an outfit. It can also double as a quickie cover if you're nursing in public! I like soft fabrics for my baby to snuggle into when I wear her.
    Purchase from Target for $7.48
  • Take Care Of Your Clothes 7 of 7
    Take Care Of Your Clothes
    Poop happens. So does spit-up. OxiBaby spray gets both out of fabric. Trust me and go buy some. I use this stuff religiously.
    Purchase from for $6.49

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Article Posted 4 years Ago

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