7 Tips for Flying Alone with a Baby

Avery and I are taking a girls trip and leaving tomorrow for a couple of days. I have to fly out of town for work and because I am still exclusively nursing her, I decided to take her with me.

That means that I am on my own navigating through the airport and on the airplane. And I am not nervous about it at all. I flew all of the time by myself with my oldest daughter, Harlan, when she was just a few months old. After a couple times, I seemed to get the hang of it and it became second nature for me to fly alone with a little one.

Although traveling alone with a baby can sometimes be a stressful experience, there are many things you can do to make it less stressful for both of you. Check out these tips that will help your experience go smoothly when you are flying alone with a baby.

  • Schedule the Flight When Your Baby Sleeps 1 of 7
    Schedule the Flight When Your Baby Sleeps
    Although it may be tough on you initially, try to schedule a flight that is during a time that your little one is sleeping. I've always traveled at night with the girls and it's made for a very easy and relaxing flight because they are asleep shortly after take off.
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  • Take Your Time 2 of 7
    Take Your Time
    There is nothing worse than arriving late and having to rush through the airport. Add a baby onto that and it makes it ten times worse. Arrive to the airport early so that you can take your time. Don't rush through security, take your time getting everything situated. It will make for a much more relaxing experience for you and the baby.
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  • Bring a Stroller 3 of 7
    Bring a Stroller
    When I am traveling by myself with a baby, I always bring the stroller with me (or the car seat on wheels.) This helps make it easy to get around the airport and the handles on the stroller make for a great way to hold all of your bags and take a load off of your back. You can check it right before you get on the airplane and it is waiting for you as soon as you get off of the airplane.
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  • Don’t Overpack Your Carry On 4 of 7
    Don't Overpack Your Carry On
    Only pack the necessities in your carry on bag. You already have a little one to carry onto the plane, you don't need anything else to put pressure on your shoulders.
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  • Ask For Help If You Need It 5 of 7
    Ask For Help If You Need It
    There are always people that are willing to help you when you are on a flight. Now is not the time to try to be supermom and do everything for yourself. If someone offers to help carry your bag as you get on the flight, take it. If you need help with something, don't be afraid to ask. The flight attendants and people next to you should be more than willing to help give you a hand.
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  • Nurse or Bottle Feed on Take Off and Landing 6 of 7
    Nurse or Bottle Feed on Take Off and Landing
    The best advice I was ever given when I was flying for the first time with my oldest, Harlan, was to nurse or bottle feed on the way up and down. This will help equalize the pressure in their ears. It has always helped and I've never had a problem with their ears hurting them.
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  • Don’t Worry About Other Travelers 7 of 7
    Don't Worry About Other Travelers
    I know it can be stressful when your little one is acting up or fussing in the airport or on the airplane. If you start to get looks from others, don't let it get to you. This will only make you more upset and could potentially make your little one more upset as well. Do what you need to do that is the best for your baby, don't worry about what other people are thinking about you. Chances are you will never see them again anyway.
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What has helped you when flying alone with a baby?

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