7 Toys That You’ll Never Guess Have Multiple Uses!

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Over at my house right now we are in what I call a “toy lull.” It’s that span of time after the kids’ birthdays, but before Christmas when my kids are getting zero new toys. Really, aside from a few tchotchkies from various birthday parties, my 5-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son haven’t received a new toy in months.

There has been some whining. And I’ve heard the “I’m bored!” refrain more than I would like. But something miraculous has also happened: That boredom has spawned some creative thinking. They are taking their favorite toys and coming up with completely different uses for them! I love it because they are using their imagination and I now love these toys because they are just so engaging. Then their friends come over and seem to pick up the same toys and have even more inventive uses.

Hmmmm. Maybe Santa should just bring socks this year and let the creative juices continue to flow?

Click through for 7 toys for which my kids have created many uses!

  • These Toys Rule! 1 of 8
    toys cover slide

    How many different uses can my kids come up with for these fantastic toys? Click through!

  • A Shopping Cart is Now a Stroller 2 of 8
    photo (23)

    My kids have been using this VTech 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset as a shopping cart for a while. But this week I noticed that two of their favorite stuffed animals were all cozied up in there. I was informed that the shopping cart is now a stroller and the animals were going for a walk in the park. Awesome!

  • And the Cart Is a Rocketship 3 of 8
    photo (20)

    This is one of my son's current favorite games. He puts on a cape and zooms around the house while pushing the VTech 2-in-1 Shop & Cook Playset. He calls it his "Superhero Rocketship." Who knew?

  • Stacking Cubes Are Treasure Boxes 4 of 8
    photo (21)

    We also happen to be in a big pirate phase at our house, so these fantastic hollow stacking boxes are also great treasure boxes. My kids fill them up and hide them around the house and then go on treasure hunts.

  • Tutu Is Also a Wig 5 of 8
    photo (27)

    My daughter has asked me several times if she can dye her hair pink. Um, no. But this well-loved tutu has recently doubled as a wig, which is just fine by me!

  • Blocks Are Tea Party Food 6 of 8
    photo (24)

    My kids were recently having a pretend tea party and my daughter decided she wanted to serve strawberries. We don't have any play strawberries in our kitchen so she decided to dig out all the red, square blocks from our bin and use them as strawberries. It made the party even more colorful and fun!

  • The Pop-Up Toy Is an Audience 7 of 8
    photo (22)

    My daughter has been performing dance routines in front of this cause-and-effect toy lately! How cute is that? She has a very rapt audience and loves to curtsy at the end. They seem to enjoy the show.

  • Board Books Are Now Play Houses 8 of 8
    photo (25)

    I found this scene in my playroom this week and it made me chuckle. My bigger kids find the baby's short board books boring, but I guess they came up with a new way to use them in their a house for their little figures!

Photo credits: Claire Goss

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