7 Ways to Help Your Baby Get Over Their Fear of the Water

August has been a busy month for our family. We’ve spent most of our time enjoying the last few weeks of summer traveling. A lot of our days have been spent outside by the water.

I love days out by the pool and by the ocean, but Avery really hasn’t been a fan. While she absolutely loves bath time, she is terrified of pools and beaches. There is something about big bodies of water that makes her want to stay far far away. As much as I love having a buddy that likes to stay with me and relax on the sidelines, I would really love for her to be able to get in and have fun with us.

Thankfully, I’ve noticed that there are a few things that you can do to help your little one get over their fear of the water so that they can enjoy it and have fun!

  • Help Them Get Over Their Fear 1 of 8

    If your little one is anything like Avery and has a fear of the water, here are some tips that might help them get over that fear! 

  • It’s Okay to Let Them Watch 2 of 8
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    For the longest time, Avery just wanted to watch on the sidelines. As much as I wanted her to get in the water and have fun with me and her big sister, she just wasn't ready. Little did I know that her watching us was making a huge impact on her and helping her get ready. 

  • Give it Time 3 of 8

    Avery has been terrified of these sprinklers at our local playground for the longest time. She has watched her big sister run through them all summer long, all while not stepping a foot close to them. Last week for the very first time, she walked over to them all on her own and put her hand in the sprinkler. It might have seemed like such a small moment to others, but to us it was a big deal. She's had all the time she's needed over the summer without any outside pressure and she finally decided she was going to do it all on her own. Ultimately, your baby will do it when they are ready.

  • Let Them go at Their Own Pace 4 of 8

    The big pool was a big fear of Avery's. I decided to sit on the steps of the pool and slowly let her go in at her own pace. The stairs were perfect because they had just enough water for her to put her feet in and sit down without getting too wet. She sat there for a while, but it was just enough for her to test out the waters. 

  • Find Something Their Size 5 of 8

    Avery wouldn't go near the big ocean or a big pool, but after getting a baby pool, we found that she loved it. She started off splashing outside of the pool, and then slowly merged her way inside. It was a great starter to help her get used to being in the water for an extended period of time. It also helped her gain a little bit of independence. 

  • Go in With Them 6 of 8

    Avery watched as her daddy and big sister went into the big pool and saw how much fun they were having. I decided to slowly take her in the pool with me. She felt much more comfortable with me rather than me putting her in a baby float and standing next to her. Sometimes the skin to skin contact is all they need to help them adjust. 

  • Laps Are Just What They Need 7 of 8

    The ocean waves terrified Avery. She did not even want to go near them. Thankfully she let MacKay hold her and sit in his lap while they sat on the shore and slowly let the water come up to them. She didn't end up wanting to go into the ocean, but she did eventually sit on the sand on the shore. The comfort of feeling secure in her dad's lap was just what she needed to help her gain the confidence to get in the water on her own. 

  • Let Them Play With Toys 8 of 8

    Toys might be your little one's favorite while outside of the water, but they are also a great thing in the water, too. Avery did not want to go in the water at all until she saw this little alligator that was just her size. She fell in love with him and I ended up having to force her out of the water so that we could leave. I never thought I would see that day! It made me so proud. 


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