8 Amazing Mommy Skills You've Probably Already Mastered

Some days as a parent can be pretty discouraging, but every once in awhile I stop and give myself a little pat on the back for all the things I’m actually doing right.

Parents – and moms in particular – are pretty amazing. The job you do is an incredibly important one and even though you screw up sometimes, you have an amazing laundry list of “mommy skills” that are pretty impressive.

Check out a few of my “mommy skills” and share your own below – let’s celebrate our awesome mommy skills today!

  • 1. Carrying at least 17 things at once 1 of 8
    1. Carrying at least 17 things at once
    I have become quite skilled at carrying a car seat while balancing armloads of groceries, a diaper bag, a purse and sometimes even more all at once.
  • 2. Stopping a crying baby in their tracks 2 of 8
    2. Stopping a crying baby in their tracks
    My baby can be crying one second and then with a simple walk into the room I can turn her tears into a smile.
  • 3. Dressing a wriggling baby 3 of 8
    3. Dressing a wriggling baby
    Do not underestimate the difficulty of this. This could be an Olympic sport.
  • 4. Breastfeeding while walking 4 of 8
    4. Breastfeeding while walking
    Recently I walked through the mall and did a bit of afternoon shopping while carrying a diaper bag and balancing a breastfeeding baby in my arms. I was pretty impressed with myself.
  • 5. Making milk 5 of 8
    5. Making milk
    Being able to make your babies own food with zero supplies (aside from your breasts) is a pretty impressive skill.
  • 6. Multitasking 6 of 8
    6. Multitasking
    Carrying your baby, while singing and vacuuming or giving baby a bottle while blogging - definitely mommy skills.
  • 7. One-handed typing 7 of 8
    7. One-handed typing
    ...And basically all other daily functions can now be done with only one hand!
  • 8. Coaxing a baby to sleep when no one else can 8 of 8
    8. Coaxing a baby to sleep when no one else can
    Sure, dad may have just spent the past 30 minutes trying to calm your screaming baby, but in walks mom and she's out like a light - a true talent indeed.

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What “mommy skills” have you mastered?


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