8 Cute Cold Weather Clothing Basics For Babies

8 Cute Cold Weather Clothing Basics For BabiesWhen the weather turns colder, it’s time to bundle up, and nothing is cuter than a baby in warm, cozy layers!

Here are a few of my favorite cute, cold weather clothing basics for babes, including some of my tried-and-true favorites for Fern.

  • A Coat 1 of 8
    A Coat
    Fern has this coat (in olive green) and I love it. The price is amazing and it's warm and well-insulated with the inside being lined with a soft jersey fabric. It's in the boy's section, but is a great gender-neutral option for for a baby boy or girl.
    Purchase from Old Navy for $16.00
  • A One-Piece Cold Suit 2 of 8
    A One-Piece Cold Suit
    For smaller babies, you get off a bit easier and can simply button them into an insulated one-piece suit. These are usually pretty unattractive, but I really like this one from Baby Gap.
    Purchase from Gap for $44.95
  • Warm Socks 3 of 8
    Warm Socks
    If you're baby isn't yet walking, shoes aren't a necessity just yet, but little feet still need to be covered in cold weather, so make sure to stock up on cozy, warm socks. I love these hand knit wool ones.
    Purchase from AGKnits on Etsy for £10.00
  • Sweatshirts 4 of 8
    We have two of these American Apparel hoodies and love them! They're perfect for throwing on under a coat when you want a little extra warmth for your babe and they're so soft!
    Purchase from American Apparel for $18.00
  • Scarves 5 of 8
    Scarves are a little tricky, because they can tangle and be a hazard for small babes, but this one from Oeuf is short enough that it would be safe and it comes in some adorable prints as well -- perfect for keeping little necks toasty.
    Purchase from Urth Child for $48.00
  • Hats 6 of 8
    Hats are a cold-weather must-have, but also make for a fun accessory as well. This one from H&M is fantastically priced, gender-neutral, and a simple, timeless design. Fern owns and loves this hat!
    Purchase from H&M for $4.95
  • Long Sleeve Shirts 7 of 8
    Long Sleeve Shirts
    Long sleeve shirts are a must in cold weather and if it's a thermal, even better. We have this one and love it.
    Purchase from American Apparel for $14.00
  • Mittens 8 of 8
    Don't waste your time with cute hand knit mittens -- we have a pair and they only stay on for 3.2 seconds before falling off. They're cute, but completely impractical. Look for ones with a tight fitting cuff around the wrist so they won't fall off -- or better yet, look for mittens with velcro wrist straps!
    Purchase from Patagonia for $14.00


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