8 Fabulous Fall Coats for a Baby Girl

With Saturday being the first official day of fall, I realized how incredibly unprepared I am for the cooler weather. Here in NYC, we welcomed the fall season with fall-like weather. It was crisp, cool, and the perfect weather to spend a great day outside.

Our family usually spends most of the weekends outside in the park when the weather is nice. Now that Avery is old enough to enjoy being outside, we want to take advantage of the nice weekends we have until the winter weather gets here.

When I saw that the temperatures were in the 50’s this weekend I immediately went and looked in Avery’s closet to see if I had a sweater or coat for her to wear outside. A lot of the clothes that she has are Harlan’s hand-me-downs. The only problem with the hand-me-downs is that Harlan was born at the end of summer in Florida. Avery was born at the end of winter in NYC. The clothes sizes don’t match the seasons. Thank goodness Avery is small for her age because we have been able to make some of the clothes work. But the sweaters that we had from Harlan are either way too big or way too small. It made me realize that I really need to get shopping for Avery a fall coat. I don’t want to buy anything too big and bulky that will make her too warm, but a nice light coat that is perfect for the cool weather.

I searched the internet all afternoon for the perfect fall coat for her and I wanted to share with you some of my favorites. Check them out after the jump!

  • Mini Boden Quilted Jacket 1 of 8
    Mini Boden Quilted Jacket
    The deep purple color of this coat is what caught my eye. I love the pop of color on the buttons in the front. The pink trim and flowered lining on the inside will make it stand out when your little one doesn't have her hood on. This coat is my absolute favorite and just ordered it for Avery!
    Buy it from Mini Boden for $38.00
  • Zara Reversible Coat 2 of 8
    Zara Reversible Coat
    I love the versatility of this adorable coat. It's reversible so it can be worn both ways, giving it two completely different looks. I think I love it so much because it looks like a mini sherpa coat for your little one.
    Buy it from Zara for $45.90
  • Janie and Jack Ruffle Trench Coat 3 of 8
    Janie and Jack Ruffle Trench Coat
    This trench coat is perfect for a cool day or a rainy day. The polka dots that are lined on the inside make it look great when you have the sleeves folded up. Folded all the way down, the little ruffle on the bottom of the sleeves look precious!
    Buy it from Janie and Jack for $33.99
  • Old Navy Button Front Performance Fleece Coat 4 of 8
    Old Navy Button Front Performance Fleece Coat
    Fleece is always a great way to go for fall because it will keep them extra warm. This coat can even be worn during the winter season as well. My favorite part of this coat is that it has the classic peacoat look which looks absolutely adorable on any baby.
    Buy it from Old Navy for $25.00
  • The Children’s Place Denim Jacket 5 of 8
    The Children's Place Denim Jacket
    Every little girl needs a denim jacket. I had one for my oldest when she was Avery's age and I can't wait to go to our storage unit to dig it out. They never go out of style and match everything. I even love to pop the collar for a little added flare. I love the ruffles on this denim jacket to give it a really cute feminine look.
    Buy it from The Children's Place for $19.95
  • H&M Baseball Jacket 6 of 8
    H&M Baseball Jacket
    I love this little letter jacket! Such a cute jacket for the sports baby in your life. The pink elbow patches on the elbows are the cutest!
    Buy it from H&M for $29.95
  • Baby Gap Knit Peplum Jacket 7 of 8
    Baby Gap Knit Peplum Jacket
    Polka dots are all the rage this season, so why not let your little one in on the trend? I love that the colors on this coat aren't too girly but the way that the coat ruffles out on the bottom makes it looks cute and girly.
    Buy it from Baby Gap for $29.95
  • Ralph Lauren Empire Waist Barn Jacket 8 of 8
    Ralph Lauren Empire Waist Barn Jacket
    Ralph Lauren never disappoints. Although this is the highest price point of all of the coats, it is well worth it. I've bought several Ralph Lauren jackets for my oldest daughter and they have held up throughout the entire season after being worn almost everyday.
    Buy it from Ralph Lauren for $59.63

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