8 Issues This Mom Cares About In The Election

See that lady off the the left of this text? That’s Susan B. Anthony, one of the women responsible for achieving women’s voting rights in America. I grew up looking at her impressive profile every Sunday. You see, she had attended the church I went to and I learned all abut her work in getting women the vote when I was a young girl. I know that voting is not something I should take for granted so I’ve always been a participant in the electoral process.

Since I became a mother, however, I’ve gone from “likely voter” to “rabid, obsessed voter, waiting impatiently at the polling place 10 minutes before it opens”. Until my kids are old enough to vote for themselves, I’m speaking for them when I vote. I’m looking at the issues and the candidates with an eye for how they will treat my children. It’s nothing as silly as who I would prefer as a babysitter for my kids. It’s as serious as who I’d prefer as the custodian of the global future that my children will be a part of even after I die.That’s not a decision I take lightly.

Here are some of the issues I’m thinking about most in relation to voting this year. Please keep in mind, these are my personal opinions. I’ve come to them after serious consideration. They may not be the same as yours but please be respectful. Thanks!

  • Education 1 of 8
    I want my kids to love learning, not just spit out test scores to please politicians. I support candidates who want to reform No Child Left Behind and who respect teachers.
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  • Equal Employment 2 of 8
    Equal Employment
    I want wild, unmitigated success for both my daughter and my son. That means I want leaders who will demand employers treat men and women the same in the workplace, no exceptions.
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  • Climate Change 3 of 8
    Climate Change
    I believe humans are driving climate change and causing shifts in weather patterns that will only grow more dramatic. I want leaders who believe that and who are willing to invest in the science needed to slow or stop climate change. My kids deserve a healthy planet.
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  • Gun Control 4 of 8
    Gun Control
    After the mass shooting in a Colorado movie theatre this summer, I actually had the irrational thought that I would never let my kids go to movies. More rational is my desire to see assault weapons and high-capacity ammunition magazines regulated more tightly or banned altogether.
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  • End The War 5 of 8
    End The War
    I want out of Afghanistan. I don't want any more mothers to lose their children over there. I want that for Afghan mothers as well as American mothers but I can't control what the Afghan government does. I can vote for a President who supports the 2014 exit deadline.
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  • Civil Rights for Gay People 6 of 8
    Civil Rights for Gay People
    My kids may not be gay but someone's kids are and the idea that they are currently denied all the federal legal benefits of marriage makes my blood boil. I want a leader who supports marriage equality for all couples.
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  • Women’s Reproductive Health 7 of 8
    Women's Reproductive Health
    I believe all decisions regarding sexual activity, contraception, pregnancy and abortion should be between a woman, her partner and her doctor. All options for birth control, gynecological and obstetrical care and, yes, abortion, should be safe, legal, accessible, and affordable. I want my daughter to be able to make her own choices. I don't want politicians making them for her.
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  • Health Care 8 of 8
    Health Care
    I was once denied an individual insurance policy because I took medicine for seasonal allergies. I don't ever want my kids to lack insurance over preexisting conditions, major or minor. I want to uphold the Affordable Care Act provisions that require insurers to sell policies regardless of health status.
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