8 Cold and Flu-Fighting Must-Haves for Baby

Thanks to a polar vortex, we’re bundling up and getting used to freezing temps, delayed school days, blasting our heat and really cold air. This is also when all of those nasty flu and cold bugs hit — and you want to avoid them like the plague, especially with a baby. Good news — you can! In just a few simple steps, you can help keep your family warm and germ-free!

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    tips for fighting cold and flu

    You're going to want to add all of these things to your shopping list and jot the notes down! It's time to crack down on a healthy baby! 

  • Cool Mist Humidifier 2 of 9

    Cool, dry and the oh-so-lovely crisp air can wreak havoc on skin, as we all know. A humidifier is a bedside table must-have during the months our heaters are all on full-blast. If you can't have one in every room, you should at least have on inside the nursery. Increasing the indoor humidity can reduce the survival of the flu virus in the home by up to 30%! The best part about this one? It fits seamlessly with any decor while providing soothing moisture to help temporarily relieve dry air discomfort. It provides your family with a continuous stream of soothing moisture. It's our favorite! Plus, you don't even need a filter. One less thing to worry about! 

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  • Immunity Boosting Breakfasts 3 of 9

    This winter, it's all about zinc. Instead of stocking up on cold and flu medicines, try preventing winter illness with your food choices, like wheat germ, a rich source of zinc which fights off viruses and helps wounds heal. Wheat germ is also easy to use and incorporate in your diet.  Spoon a tablespoon on baby's morning yogurt or oatmeal or add into muffin recipes for a quick and subtle nutty flavor and nutritional boost. 

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  • Space Heater 4 of 9
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    If your heating system isn't able to keep up with the freezing temperatures or causes your energy bills to sky rocket, a space heater is a must. A heater like this Honeywell infrared heater provides soft, whole room heat. You don't want to keep baby to warm due to the risks of SIDS but you do have to remember to keep them warm if their room is drafty. Sometimes, you just need the extra heat! With  a heat output of 5,200 BTU's, it provides safe, comforting warmth while providing energy-efficient heating.  Plus it heats up your space without burning oxygen and humidity that case drying effects in a room. 

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  • Forehead Thermometer 5 of 9

    I don't know how I survived sick babies without a Braun Forehead Thermometer. It's quick, non-invasive and it's gentle enough to be used on a sleeping infant! Forget feeling stressed out when it's time for temperature taking. It offers a color- coded fever guidance system, a large easy-to-read screen, and backlight for middle-of-the-night readings. The fever guidance system changes the screen's color from green to yellow to red to help take the guesswork out of interpreting a temperature and whether it's a fever. Coolest ever right? I am all about those techy products that make my life easier as a mom. This is one of them! 

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  • PLain Old Soap and Water 6 of 9
    clean hands white sink v_SM

    You can't wash your hands enough during these cold months. It's the best way to scrub away the germs. Quick tip: Keep your little one's nails trimmed short -- less space for germs to hid! 

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  • Hand Sanitizer 7 of 9
    Screen Shot 2014-01-24 at 12.10.59 AM.png

    Hand sanitizer -- it's you're new BFF. Didn't you get the memo? Use it! Whenever you can't get to a sink, it's the best way to make sure your hands stay germ-free. Especially when you're in and out of those doctors offices! But, read carefully. Your hand sanitizer needs to have at least 60 percent alcohol to kill bugs, says Philip Tierno, Ph.D., an associate professor of microbiology and pathology at New York University.

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  • Watch the Wipes 8 of 9

    We all love the good ol' baby wipes but be careful! Reach for Clorox wipes instead as wipes may be super convenient but they can also transfer bacteria from one surface to another in a flash. Quick tip: Use one wiper per surface, then toss it! 

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  • Air Purifier 9 of 9

    It's just just an air purifier, it works as a sound machine for baby, too! Perfect for those allergy sufferers, the HEPA filter captures 99.97% of dust and allergens as small as .3 microns in size! Our air purifier is way more than just a filter. It has multiple levels to capture allergens, kill airborne germs and bacteria with powerful UV-C and fight mold and odors. We have one quite a few rooms and they work so well. 

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