8 Postpartum Symptoms Nobody Bothered To Tell Me

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Image Source: Thinkstock

When I was pregnant and expecting (especially for the first time), I was a sponge for all things birth related. I subscribed to every single daily maternity email newsletter I could find. In fact, one of the first things I did after peeing on that pregnancy stick was head on down to the book store to buy an obscene amount of “what to expect” books. And of course, each week I could tell you exactly what size fruit or vegetable corresponded with my unborn baby’s gestational growth rate.

Between all the books, blogs, chat rooms, and research, I felt overly prepared. In fact, I probably a bit of a know it all. Until I found out I was clueless.

Looking back in the not so distant past, there were a few things about my postpartum body that nobody bothered to mention. Not my sister-in-law, not my best friend, and certainly not my mother. All these people that were “close” to me, failed to give me the dirty on the first few weeks.

Here are 8 postpartum symptoms I never knew existed (until I experienced them):

1. You Might Vomit

When I was in labor, I vomited, and I think I might have pooped as well, while pushing the baby out. The “good news?” If you’re pushing a baby out of your lady parts, these things will be the least of your worries.

2. Afterpains

On the first day postpartum, every few hours a nurse will come in and push on your very tender abdomen to get extra fluid out and to help shrink your uterus back down to size. And while this is a necessary procedure, know that it will hurt very badly.

3. It’s Going To Hurt To Poop

So you just pushed out a nine pounder, learning how to use that bathroom again will take some time. Take it slow, and for the love don’t forget to take your stool softener.

4. Bonding Will Take Time

It’s often taboo to talk about, but there is nothing wrong with you if you don’t immediately fall madly in love with your baby.

5. The Post-Birth Belly Flap

More than likely, your stomach will never be swim suit model tight again. But on the flip side, it stretched out to carry new life, which is so much cooler than being able to wear a bikini!

6. You Will Be So Thirsty

During the first few weeks postpartum, having a glass of water within arms reach will be essential. Even more so if you breastfeed.

7. You Will Feel Clueless

Just because you had a baby, doesn’t mean you will suddenly know how to care for it. Sure, you might have a pinch of natural mother’s intuition, but admitting you need help is totally normal.

8. The Burning Ring Of Fire

If you end up going the unmedicated route, pushing the baby will feel like somebody is holding a hot blow torch up to your delicate bits. The good news is, once the baby is out, the pain goes away quickly.


Article Posted 6 years Ago

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