8 Realistic Resolutions for Moms

As a mom who works from home, I’m lucky enough to have a nanny–a.k.a. my younger sister. So, a few days of the week, I have help. This doesn’t change a thing–believe me! Yes, it’s amazing to have help but still, as a mother you have the hardest job in the world whether you stay at home, work from home, or, well, just are a working mama.

So, as we start 2014, let’s not be hard on ourselves with a list of resolutions we’ll never be able to make. Instead, angle them so that you can reach your goals instead of being a Debbie Downer when you can’t cross them off your list. Forget the guilt and make 2014 better than the years before and give yourself a pat on the back for making it to 2014, without going crazy.

Click-through for some realistic resolutions you’re sure to keep in 2014! 

  • Take A Shower 1 of 8
    no. 1

    Seriously, this might be common sense for some but most of us know, sometimes we don't get a shower in until help arrives. Make an attempt to rise before baby. Set your alarm to give yourself an extra hour solo in the morning to shower and get ready for the day. Maybe even put on some red lipstick and heels. You'll be amazed at how much better you feel. 

  • Scratch Off The Gym 2 of 8
    no. 2

    If your schedule is anything like mine you might as well forget that "make it to the gym" resolution you scratch off every year. So, bring the gym to you. Research ways you can work out right in your own home so you can break a sweat while baby is asleep. 

  • Cap Your Work Day 3 of 8

    For work-at-home-moms, the hardest thing is to stop working. Put down your phone or stop checking email after 7 PM. Just like if you were heading out to an office, set office hours for yourself. 

  • Get Organized 4 of 8

    Believe me, you can do it! Instead of tearing apart your house in one day, set goals you want to complete each month. Or, better yet, give yourself a small task you can complete once a week at nap time. Don't overwhelm yourself with long lists that won't get done. Check out some great tips on The Inspired Room! 

  • Set Rules 5 of 8

    Just like you set rules for your kids, set rules for yourself! Setting ground rules leads to a productive and smooth work-from-home day. It's an easy resolution--and essential to creating a smooth balance between home and work life.

  • Stop Cleaning 6 of 8

    Your 8 month-old doesn't know if there are dishes in the sink or if laundry isn't done. But, they will remember the time they spent bonding with you. Take this year to loosen up and relax some. Those dishes will always be there--your baby, on the other hand, won't want to cuddle forever. 

  • Plug-In and Upload 7 of 8

    A easy, realistic resolution is to upload! Each month, schedule time to upload all the photos from your iPhone. As moms, we forget about this small task until we can't take any more photos. I know so many moms who can relate! Upload all those photos onto the computer so you can remember to print them and hang them in your home vs. feeling beyond overwhelmed when you sync 5,000 new photos to your computer. 

  • Only Hugs 8 of 8

    When you want to start yelling, try hugging instead! Seriously. It works. A simple resolution to hug more, love more and yell less. Danny Tanner-style, everyone loves a hug right? Your husband will just love this one! 


Article Posted 3 years Ago

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