8 Things My 8-Month-Old Is Doing

Bear crawling across the yard!

It’s hard to believe how much has changed in just a few short weeks.  Last month, I shared the 10 Things My 7-Month-Old Is Doing.  And while Cullen is still doing some of those things, he’s also moved onto many new things in his wise old age of eight months.

It doesn’t feel that long ago that all he really did was bat at toys, eat constantly, kick his legs in one place, and scream uncontrollably in his car seat.  Now he’s less of a scary baby and more of a fun, interactive mini-person.

Here are 8 things he’s loving now that the’s 8 months old... 

  • Traveling 1 of 8
    We have traveled to both Portland, Oregon and Lake Lanier, Georgia this month. One long car ride, and one very long flight. The car ride went surprisingly well, but the plane ride was pretty tough. Eight month olds do not like to be held for four hours straight!
  • Cheering At Races 2 of 8
    Cheering At Races
    In our family, summer is racing season! Cullen's dad and I are both runners, and we've been signing up for races almost every weekend recently. Cullen is getting used to cheering on the sidelines!
  • Bear Crawling 3 of 8
    Bear Crawling
    This guy is ACTIVE to say the least. He can't be slowed down by his knees anymore, and almost all crawling is done bear-crawl style now.
  • Feeding Himself 4 of 8
    Feeding Himself
    Purees are out, chunks and finger foods are in. Cullen won't even consider eating off a spoon anymore. All food must be fed to himself. Messy, but so fun!
  • Swimming 5 of 8
    We traveled to a lake with our family this month, and Cullen got to swim every single day. He isn't totally comfortable in the water yet, but he liked splashing and kicking his legs. Too cute!
  • Clapping 6 of 8
    This is probably my favorite of his recent milestones. I've been trying to get him to clap for several months now, and he has just finally started doing it back when someone claps at him. He claps when he gets excited too!
  • Peek-a-boo 7 of 8
    This is the new favorite game. I first discovered how much he liked it in the water, when he'd laugh hysterically if I'd go under water and then come back up. He also likes having toys peek out from below his car seat - fits of giggles every time!
  • Side-Stepping 8 of 8
    This is the most recent development. He used to pull himself up on things and then stay put. Now, he's figured out the side step, so he's making full circles around the coffee table. He gets braver every day!


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