8 Things to Bring When Road Tripping With a Baby

Tips for traveling with baby from a mom who loves to road trip
Tips for traveling with baby from a mom who loves to road trip

Road tripping is one of my husband and I’s favorite past times. Past times as in something we did when we had no kids. We were able to start enjoying this road tripping thing when our first 2 kids were around 4 and 6 years old. Needless to say, since having our last 2 kids (who are 10 months and 2 years old) — road tripping hasn’t been QUITE as fun.

The first time we attempted road tripping with Zeke (and our 3 others) was on what is normally a 4-hour trip. Well, uhm, it ended up taking up 9 hours. Yes, you read that right. No, you don’t want to know what happened to make the trip over double in time. Let’s just say it involved 2 screaming babies, 2 fighting kids, 1 crying mom and a husband who somehow managed to get us to our destination.

Lessons learned: babies require certain things on road trips. While there is no stopping our older 2 from fighting, we can do things to help ease our babies.  In addition to packing the standard items such as clothes, diapers, formula, there are a few other items that we’ve found to be extremely helpful in making the road trip with baby a success.

8 Things to Bring When Road Tripping With a Baby

  • Where Will Baby Sleep? 1 of 8
    Where Will Baby Sleep?
    We always bring our own pack and play, but now are with 2 kids needing pack and plays we are having to rely on the hotels crib - YUCK. Make sure to bring a spare crib sheet and a container of Lysol wipes to sanitize. If all else fails - use baby wipes to clean down a loaner crib or pack and play.
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  • Pack Entertainment 2 of 8
    Pack Entertainment
    As much as you think you're baby is going to sleep most of the trip, chances are he's not. Find somethings to keep him entertained. A teether, a hard covered book or an iPad playing movies are all good options.
  • Squeezable Baby Food is a God Send 3 of 8
    Squeezable Baby Food is a God Send
    Ever since discovering the genius invention of baby food in squeezable packets, that's all we've bought. Zeke can hold the packets and feed himself. These also are great snacks for our toddler. We have tried several brands of the squeezable baby food and Ella's Kitchen and Plum Organics (pictured) are our favorites.
  • Patience 4 of 8
    Pack your patience. Babies and ANY trip can bring surprises. Just keep your mind focused on the destination!
  • Create a Bag with Diaper Changing Essentials 5 of 8
    Create a Bag with Diaper Changing Essentials
    Dirty diapers happen. Create a bag with just what's needed to change a diaper. Make sure to bring along some plastic grocery sacks to throw dirty diapers away with.
  • Pack a Roll of Paper Towels and a Trash Bag 6 of 8
    Pack a Roll of Paper Towels and a Trash Bag
    In our years of traveling with kids, we've had at least 3 incidents of vomit in the car. Thankfully we always keep s roll of paper towels with a trash bag shoved in the roll holder. It never fails that we end up needing these!
  • Pre-made Bottles 7 of 8
    Pre-made Bottles
    If you are a formula feeder like myself, making bottles (sans water) ahead of time will ease bottle making. My bottles of choice are the Playtex Drop-ins Nursers. We've used with our last 3 kids.
    I keep our formula in a Tupperware container rather than bringing the big canister (we buy in bulk).
  • Bottle of Water 8 of 8
    Bottle of Water
    Stash a couple of bottles of water somewhere in the car. These come in handy when needing to make a bottle - also will save you some cash if you get thirsty.
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What Road Trip Essentials Do You Always Pack?


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