8 Tips for Traveling with Baby

Taking your first vacation away from home with a baby can be stressful—especially for those first-time Moms. But if you pack ahead and stay organized, you’ll be sure to relax and enjoy the time away. Baby will too! Being a Mom of a large crew, we’ve always had a baby in the mix. Well, at least the last 3 years, each summer we’ve been toting a little one. Over the last 10 years, I’ve become a pro when it comes to traveling with baby in tow. It just takes a little bit of extra prep before you head on vacation. But with just a few simple tips, you are sure to enjoy your trip!

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    This is the one time it is okay to over pack. You never know if they will overflow a diaper and during the summer months they may sweat right through their onesie. I suggest making sure you have plenty of outfits because you can't always get them washed while away. Lay them all out to organize yourself prior to packing them. This will help you make sure you have enough and aren't forgetting anything. Traveling during the summer? Onesies, rompers and even just hanging out in their bathing suit is best.

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    During our recent trip to Busch Gardens, I found hydrating Grayson with organic apple juice or water after a meal was much better then formula. Sometimes you may find your baby refusing formula in the heat so be prepared, if they are old enough to have an alternative way to keep hydrated while in the heat. I know that I wouldn't want milk when it's 100 degrees outside. I'd rather have water. Grayson is 8-months-old so his solid food kept him full and he was able to opt-out on formula. If you breastfeed, make sure you are drinking plenty of water and feeding in a nice cool place!

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    Don't leave home without all of the medicine cabinet essentials. Infant Tylenol, any prescription medications, saline, and a thermometer. Pack everything you may need while away in case baby is sick. I pack all of Grayson's medications and nebulizer machines in one large tote bag that is always easy to grab and ready to go.

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    Packing all of your little one's favorite things is a must. While you don't spend the entire vacation in the hotel room, it's nice to have their favorite things for when it's time to unwind. Instead of packing them in a bag, I put all of their favorite toys and books into a small fabric bin so it's easy to pick-up.

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    I always make sure I have my stroller and baby carrier because you don't really know what baby will prefer. When away, sometimes it's easier to use your baby carrier while others it's best to push a stroller.

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  • Add a Parasol 7 of 9

    If you have a stroller that allows you to add summer accessories like a parasol, go for it! On our most recent trip away, it saved Grayson from the sun shining in his eyes and he was completely covered between the parasol and stroller awning. Plus, the parasol was made of an SPF 50 fabric.


  • Pack a Cooler for the Road 8 of 9

    Pack a cooler for the car ride and prepare bottles ahead of time so you aren't looking through your diaper bag during a rest stop, or when baby is screaming.

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  • Bring the Playard 9 of 9

    Bring a playard for baby to sleep and take naps while in the hotel or vacation rental. You don't know where those hotel cribs have been so bringing something that baby is comfortable in is your best be. Plus, it works great by the beach or pool too!

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Article Posted 3 years Ago

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