9 Adorable, Must-Haves From The Land of Nod

I have to admit, I’d never even heard of The Land of Nod (the kid’s company of Crate & Barrel) until I was researching my post “11 Adorable Black Dolls For Baby.” Once I stumbled upon their doll selection, I was completely beside myself. I’d finally found “my” store to shop for my daughters!

Check out some more adorable, must-have from my new favorite place to shop:

  • Wooden Doll Family 1 of 9

    Wooden families are very "in" these days, and I can't get enough. This set is modern AND full of detail in the painting. I love it.

    Available for $39.00

  • Space shuttle play set 2 of 9

    Where was this when I was a kid?

    Available for $199

  • Accordian 3 of 9

    I'm not exactly sure how this one works, but does it matter? Every kid needs a pretend accordion.

    Available for $59.00

  • Pop-up Toy 4 of 9

    When's the last time you saw a wooden toy that did much of anything other than roll? This pop-up toy just might be as exciting as the plastic stuff babies want.

    Available for $21.95

  • Ooooh, look at these blocks 5 of 9

    This picture speaks for itself. The colors make me swoon.

    Available for $79.00

  • 3D Puzzle 6 of 9

    We have an anatomy 3D puzzle that we love, so I was thrilled to find another one here.  One can never go wrong with porcupines.

    Available for $24.00

  • Tin Wind-up Duck Family 7 of 9

    Vintage-looking and affordable, this wind-up toy is at the top of my list.

    Available for $14.95

  • Way cute new chair 8 of 9

    I look at children's furniture A LOT. More than I'm willing to admit. Let's just say there's nothing else out there as sleek and simple as this perfect kid's chair.

    Available for $69.00

  • Campfire Sleeping Bag 9 of 9

    Who cares if we live in the city and I have no intention of ever camping? My girls need this sleeping bag, stat!

    Available for $89.00

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