9 Baby Pet Peeves

Don’t take that thumb, lady. It’s mine!

Babies can have surprisingly strong opinions about things. This can be awesomely funny when it comes to the faces they make when they try new solid foods. Seriously, a grossed out face on a baby? Hilarious.

But sometimes babies get angry about things that seem insignificant to grown ups. My daughter? Hates sleeves. The process of getting her arms into sleeves – something I do multiple times a day now that it’s jacket weather – requires much screaming and thrashing about. Once the sleeves are in place, she’s cool but pulling fabric over her arms really, really, angers her. She also HATES riding in the car after dark. The crying from the backseat is so awful that I may have to disallow any activity that goes past 4:30 until the days lengthen. Ugh

I asked around to find out other baby pet peeves. Some make perfect sense but some? Well, babies know their own minds!

  • No Toes! 1 of 9
    No Toes!
    Cleaning toe lint. Oh and with the swaddle, he fights it and when free? Pissed as hell. - Brandy
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  • Don’t Cover Me! 2 of 9
    Don't Cover Me!
    Blankets. My 19 month old freaks out when anything covers him. - Trish
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  • Daddy! Hold Me! 3 of 9
    Daddy! Hold Me!
    Yeah, swaddling or not being held or being held by papa...Mine was just generally grumpy. Thankfully, he's grown out of it! - Naomi
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  • Socks Suck! 4 of 9
    Socks Suck!
    Socks! As soon as she walks in the door they are off, she is constantly being told to put socks on. Also, she loses her friggin' mind if there is a hair or a fuzzy in her bath water...Like hysterical until its removed. - Danielle
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  • Hands Free! 5 of 9
    Hands Free!
    Andy had bad excema, even on his face and he would scratch himself silly while it was healing, so he had to wear those goofy little baby mittens and he HATED them. Anything covering his hands or feet would set him wailing. - Juli
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  • Stop Poking! 6 of 9
    Stop Poking!
    Pet peeve: big sis pushing on his belly. "I'm tickling him!" Some people call that CPR, dear. - Lynn
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  • Hat Head! 7 of 9
    Hat Head!
    Hats! He hates hats. If you get it on him he's fine and even preens a little, I think he dislikes hat hair... lol (one of the first things he said was "Pretty Hair" while petting his own hair...Um...) - Amanda
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  • Don’t Touch That! 8 of 9
    Don't Touch That!
    Don't TOUCH the sippy cup full of milk. My 13 month old, my baby girl, she will cut you... - Synnøve
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  • Button Up! 9 of 9
    Button Up!
    My eldest won't wear anything with tiny buttons on it. Irony- I sell button jewelry. - Robin
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