9 Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without in the Winter

Warm Weather Please!

Ok so anyone who knows me also knows I have been complaining there hasn’t been much snow in Connecticut.

They also know how much I would rather have snow over rain.

Well this weekend we got the snow, and I am officially over snow for the winter of 2011-2012 and I am ready for the warm weather to get here!

One thing this weather taught me was I have a winter survival kit for when I have an infant. A list of baby stuff I just cannot live without in my house when it is freezing and of course there is snow on the ground.

There are just certain baby accessories you have to have to make it through the day, or just a snow day in my house.

Be sure to comment below with some of your favorites you couldn’t live without!

  • Boogie Wipes 1 of 9
    Boogie Wipes
    I discovered these when my oldest son had his first cold.
    Ever since then they are a MUST HAVE in our house, especially during the winter.
    Especially if you have constant runny noses like I have had this winter! Click here to buy Boogie Wipes
  • BabyLegs 2 of 9
    Who doesn't love BabyLegs?
    The best part of the winter is using these as an alternative to pants when we are hanging around the house.
    They are just right to keep little legs warm! Click here to buy BabyLegs
  • Aspirator 3 of 9
    You know you have seen it before... We all have!
    You typically think of it as the "booger sucker" from the hospital when you have a baby right?
    Well this bad boy works WONDERS in the winter time, because lets face it... Our big fingers don't fit up tiny noses!
    Click here to buy an Aspirator from Safety First
  • Fleece Blankets 4 of 9
    Fleece Blankets
    We have used these with ever one of our kids, and now two out of three including Addison are addicted to them!
    They don't have to be a special brand, or type just your basic fleece blanket!
    Click here to buy Fleece Blankets from BabiesRUs
  • Undercover Mama 5 of 9
    Undercover Mama
    I was sent one of these to review when I was pregnant with Addison and I am in LOVE with it STILL!
    It is a tank cover that attaches right to your bra like an undershirt.
    Why is it a winter must have?
    Because who wants to lift up a shirt and make your side and back FREEZING during the winter months?
    NOT ME!
    And this saves you from that!
    Click here to buy The Undercover Mama
  • Warm Knit Hat 6 of 9
    Warm Knit Hat
    A nice warm knit hat is a must have, whether you have a little girl or little boy.
    I never leave home without them, although Addison's helmet has been keeping her pretty warm these days!
    Click here to buy This Knit Hat on Etsy
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion 7 of 9
    Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion
    Skin dries out during the winter, and this has to be my favorite lotion of all time for babies.
    Well and for Moms too!
    Click here to buy Earth Mama Angel Baby Lotion
  • Humidifier! 8 of 9
    I never really used one, but one this winter has been especially brutal for us!
    We need it and so do those little noses!
    Click here to buy a Humidifier!
  • Fleece Sleeper! 9 of 9
    Fleece Sleeper!
    If they made these in adult sizes, you would totally want to live in them in the winter time too!
    I love these for the winter time because you KNOW your baby is going to be warm in them!
    Click here to buy this Fleece Sleeper

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