9 Baby Products I Couldn't Live Without on Vacation

We’ve been on a family beach vacation this week. We all know that baby’s require so much stuff, especially while on vacation. We didn’t have much room in our car for tons of stuff to keep Avery occupied for the entire week, so I had to be very selective and strategic about what I packed for her. I wanted to make sure I packed things that would keep her entertained, but that weren’t huge and take up a lot of room in the car.

I am actually pretty proud of myself, because I didn’t overpack and I’ve used every single item that I brought for Avery.

Take a look at the 9 baby products that I couldn’t live without this vacation.

  • Bumbo 1 of 9
    Avery can't fully sit up yet, so this seat has been a lifesaver. We've used it in the house and at the beach. It was most successful at the beach because it allowed for me to get a little bit of a break and it allowed Avery to have fun sitting with all of us. She loved sitting in it and watching her big sister build sand castles.
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  • Ergo Baby Carrier 2 of 9
    Ergo Baby Carrier
    I love to baby wear. I love it even more when we are on vacation because it allows for Avery to get to experience all of the new and exciting things we see together. Some of the places we've been on this vacation haven't been very stroller friendly, so I've had to pop her in the Ergo and just go. She's comfortable and I'm comfortable, which makes for a happy mama and baby.
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  • Patemm Pad 3 of 9
    Patemm Pad
    The house we are renting doesn't have a changing table, so I had to bring my patemm pad. It is the perfect size for travel. I love that it has the pockets so that I can easily store diapers and wipes rather than going back and forth from room to room to get them. It's also a great activity mat for Avery to roll around on so that she isn't laying directly on the floor.
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  • Baby Pool Float 4 of 9
    Baby Pool Float
    We introduced Avery to the pool for the very first time on this vacation. Although she doesn't look pleased in this picture, she really did love it. I love this baby pool float. It let her relax in the pool and I could stand next to her and look at her to keep her happy. It's made our adventures in the pool so much more fun and a lot easier.
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  • Portable Crib 5 of 9
    Portable Crib
    This is the first time for Avery to sleep in a portable crib and I was a bit nervous at first. She loves the play yard/portable crib that we have. It gives her plenty of room to sleep and also is a great place to store toys when she isn't playing with them.
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  • Hooded Towel 6 of 9
    Hooded Towel
    I love the Pottery Barn hooded towel that we have. It's not only kept Avery warm after getting out of the pool and when we are on the beach, but it has also made a great backdrop for a lot of photos.
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  • Outdoor Blanket 7 of 9
    Outdoor Blanket
    We have the Skip Hop Central Park outdoor blanket and absolutely love it. We've brought it to the beach with us every single time and it is great.
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  • Portable High Chair 8 of 9
    Portable High Chair
    We've been eating out at restaurants a lot this vacation and not all of them have highchairs. I love the Phil and Teds Lobster. It fits on nearly every table, folds flat, and is easy to carry. It also has a 5-point harness that makes it super safe and great for keeping Avery sitting upright.
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  • Baby Gear Rental Company 9 of 9
    Baby Gear Rental Company
    No I didn't bring an exersaucer on vacation with me. But I did rent one from a baby gear rental company here in town. Since we didn't have much room in our car to bring much, I did some research before our trip to see what I could get while we were out here. The company has a ton of baby gear on their site and will deliver it to where you are staying. I will definitely look into this for every city we are staying in for an extended period of time from now on. It's been so great to have gear that we couldn't bring with us in the car, but were still able to have in the house we are staying at.

 What baby products were a must-have for your vacation?

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