9 Breastfeeding Fears and My Unsolicited Opinion

When it comes to raising a baby, every person has an opinion (or ten) on how to do it best. Chances are? Somebody’s going to tell you you’re doing it wrong.

The same goes for breastfeeding. It’s a heated topic that leaves so many young, new moms full of fear that oftentimes finds them doubting their ability even before they give it a try.

This past week, Snooki from the hit reality TV show “Jersey Shore”  sat down with Good Morning America to dish about her current pregnancy and discuss what motherhood will be like for her.

She raised concern about breastfeeding because “it looks so painful” and it’s “kinda like being a cow”.

While some might scoff at her young uninformed innocence towards motherhood, her concerns are completely valid. Unfortunately, breastfeeding is often intimidating and scary, especially to first-time moms.

I‘ve taken 9 common fears and concerns, and weighed in with my unsolicited two cents.

You know, because everyone has an opinion these days.

  • You won’t make enough milk 1 of 9
    You won't make enough milk
    My experience: I'm an over-producer. I'm not bragging, it's just the truth. I make enough for my baby and the entire playgroup as well. But the truth is, unfortunately some women do struggle with low milk supply. The best thing you can do if you don't make enough milk is to surround yourself with supportive people who can help you both emotionally and physically.
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  • It will mess up your sex life 2 of 9
    It will mess up your sex life
    My experience: Having a baby changes everything. The truth is, it's probably the baby messing up your sex life, not the breastfeeding. Yes, breasts are a very sexual part of a women's body, but a baby sucking on your nipple is surprisingly businesslike, and nothing like foreplay in the bedroom.
  • Your boobs will change forever 3 of 9
    Your boobs will change forever
    My experience: Yup, they sure will. Unless your girls are man-made, they will take a tiny bit of a beating, and you'll be left with glorious war wounds that will make you proud.
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  • You’ll leak in public 4 of 9
    You'll leak in public
    My experience: I always leak quite a bit the first few months, and then the dripping stops completely by month six. I suggest investing in breast pads (either reusable or disposable) to combat the annoyance.
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  • The baby will bite you 5 of 9
    The baby will bite you
    My experience: My third child cut a tooth at two months old, resulting in some biting. He quickly learned that if he wants to nursing, no biting would be tolerated (when he would bite, I would take him off the breast). Biting does happen, but it's typically short lived.
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  • You’ll never be able to leave the baby 6 of 9
    You'll never be able to leave the baby
    My experience: You can leave the baby, but you'll need to plan in advance. Get yourself a good breast pump, and find a bottle that your baby will accept while you're away.
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  • Breastfeeding in public 7 of 9
    Breastfeeding in public
    My experience: Breastfeeding in public was (and still is) my main fear. After breastfeeding 4 babies, I'm still very self-conscious about whipping my boobs out in public. It definitely takes time to get the hang of modest nursing, and I recommend practicing in front of a full length mirror at home before you venture out.
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  • You can’t drink 8 of 9
    You can't drink
    My experience: I love a frothy, cold one just as much as the next gal, and I have problem drinking a beer and breastfeeding. But like anything, the rule "everything in moderation" definitely applies. Binge drinking and babies don't mix. When it doubt, pump it out!
  • It will hurt 9 of 9
    It will hurt
    My experience: Yup, it will hurt for about 2-3 weeks until your nipples get used to the baby. People might tell you otherwise, saying you should never feel pain while breastfeeding. But the truth is, until your nipples get conditioned to the suckling, it's gonna be a titty bit painful.

It’s worth noting, I am no professional, I speak only from my personal experience of breastfeeding four kids over the course of the past seven years. So, you know, grain of salt.

What was your biggest breastfeeding fear prior to becoming a mom? Did it come true?

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