9 (Free) Ways to Make a New Mom Feel Special on Mothers Day

Bouquet of flowers
You DON'T need flowers to make a new mom feel special on Mother's Day

Moms should be made to feel special every day (same goes for dads), right? But on a first Mother’s Day, the pressure is kind of on to make the day just a bit more memorable.

Flowers and store-bought cards are lovely, but there are other more meaningful and free ways to make the second Sunday in May one she won’t ever forget. And she deserves it, right?

Here are 9 ways to make a mom’s first Mother’s Day one for the history books:


  • Let her sleep in 1 of 9
    Let her sleep in
    If she had a baby sometime in the last year or less, chances are she hasn't seen more than a few hours of uninterrupted sleep (even if the baby is sleeping a longer stretch at this point, Mom might be waking up wondering when the baby is going to wake up, or simply awake thinking/planning/wondering/worrying).
    Give her the gift of sleep. If the baby is still in your room, take the baby and sleep in another room, or volunteer to be the one who gets up and does the feedings. If Mom is still nursing, at least get up and be the diaper changer. And when the baby gets up in the morning, let Mom go back to bed and leave her be until which time she emerges on her own. Maybe even go outside with the baby so the house is extra quiet.
  • Let her have the bathroom to herself — for an hour 2 of 9
    Let her have the bathroom to herself — for an hour
    All moms have problems finding alone time in the bathroom. When the kids are older it's usually because they insist on being in there when mom is taking a shower or on the toilet. When the kids are babies, they often don't want Mom to simply be out of sight. Well, Mother's Day is on a Sunday, so you'll be there, right? Let Mom take a nice hot shower or bath, or do whatever she wants in the bathroom — uninterrupted by a baby's cries or anything else.
  • Give her a handmade card from you 3 of 9
    Give her a handmade card from you
    Store bought cards are lovely, of course, but nothing tops a handmade card or letter from you. Don't let Hallmark say how you feel. Say it in your own words, in your own handwriting. It's a gift she'll remember and cherish for a long time.
  • Give her a handmade card from the baby 4 of 9
    Give her a handmade card from the baby
    Maybe put the baby's hand or footprint on the card. Maybe put a picture of the baby on the card. But it's her first Mother's Day because of this baby — do something simple but special and personal so Mom has something by which to fondly remember the occasion.
  • Let her do something — alone 5 of 9
    Let her do something — alone
    Whether she wants to go for a walk by herself or get her nails done or simply spend some time in a coffee shop with a newspaper or book, she might enjoy the luxury of time alone. After all, that's hard to come by when you have a little baby.
  • Do something with her and the baby 6 of 9
    Do something with her and the baby
    Mom probably gets to be with the baby a lot. But how much time do you all have together? Life with a new baby can be hectic. Take some time and just enjoy that little baby. The baby won't be so little for too long, and purposefully savoring the itty bitty-ness of this life you created together is always a meaningful way to pass some time.
  • Don’t let her step foot in the kitchen 7 of 9
    Don't let her step foot in the kitchen
    Seriously. Don't let her. Whether you cook, get takeout or go to a restaurant, do it. Don't let her do anything that involves food preparation (or, heaven forbid, clean-up).
  • Don’t ask her what she wants to do 8 of 9
    Don't ask her what she wants to do
    If you had a baby with her, chances are you know her pretty well. Today is a fabulous opportunity to put on your thinking cap and map out some activities that you know she'll enjoy (not something that you think she should enjoy).
  • Do all of the above after Mother’s Day, too 9 of 9
    Do all of the above after Mother's Day, too
    OK, maybe not the day after Mother's Day, since that's technically a Monday, and most people work on Mondays. But there's no reason why moms should only be made to feel special on Mother's Day. This is a woman who made and is caring for a life. Have you seen the adoration in the eyes of the baby when gazing at Mom? Make sure she knows and feels regularly how much she rocks. Because she does, doesn't she?

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