9 Fun Ways To Burn Calories With Your Baby

Getting off that extra baby weight can be tough especially when it’s not easy to get to the gym every day. With swimsuit season in full-swing, now is the time to burn those extra calories. Good news! Carrying around a 20lb. baby really is in your favor. When time isn’t always on your side as a Mom, you have to find other ways to exercise so you can fit into that little polka dot bikini or look slimming in a one-piece. What you probably don’t know is there are so many ways to burn calories without even working out to help you reach your calorie-burning goals. And enjoy being in a bathing suit at the pool! I have found a few easy ways to workout with baby too!

My goal: To burn 600 calories a day. If you multiply 600 calories by 7 it equals 4,200 calories burned; one step closer to feeling better about myself and getting off those extra pounds. But first, I will be starting with some fun ways to burn calories with the help of a baby on my hip.

  • Burn Calories with Baby in Tow! 1 of 10

    Sometimes finding time to exercise is hard. Click-through these 9 ways you can burn calories while holding your little one. No excuses now! 

  • Babywearing 2 of 10

    According to my favorite calorie counting app, My Fitness Pal, you burn an average of 211 calories per hour just carrying your baby around. Add in pushing a stroller while babywearing for 6 minutes and you burn 381 calories. If you're pushing a double stroller, I am sure it's over 400 calories burned. 

    Better yet, if you are out one-on-one with baby, ditch the stroller! Strap on an ergobaby and head out the door. 

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  • Food Shop with Baby 3 of 10

    Because those grocery carts are filled with germs anyway, strap baby on your back into a carrier and head to the grocery store. When you grocery shop you burn 82 calories plus with babywearing, you will burn a little over 300. Easy math, gals! 

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  • Ride a Bike 4 of 10

    What little one wouldn't love riding alongside Mom or Dad on a bike? You can purchase a bike seat for baby so you can take them along for the ride. It's such a relaxing way to exercise too. Don't forget the helmet! 30 minutes of bicycling burns roughly 282 calories. 

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  • Swim 5 of 10

    Swimming is my favorite type of exercise during the summertime. You stay cool and everyone loves hanging by the pool all day. It's great to teach baby how to swim early anyway. We usually spend 3-4 hours at the pool and I always hold Grayson which burns almost 900 calories! I know, I was just as shocked to find that out too because it's such a fun way to burn calories with him. 

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  • Yoga 6 of 10

    Looking for a laid-back approach to burning calories? Try a yoga class that specializes in mom-baby poses.

    If you live in New York City, Baby Om is one of the best. 

  • Take A Stroll 7 of 10

    It doesn't matter if you push a stroller or strap them on with a carrier. Whatever works for you, taking a walk to get off the extra-weight is just as fun. Even if you have to start small, walking for 10 minutes with a baby will burn a little over 100 calories. I love taking a walk after dinner and enjoying the neighborhood. 

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  • Squats 8 of 10

    Put on your favorite tv show and catch-up on re-runs while holding baby and doing squats. Do some squats with your tots to burn calories and work on your buns. You'll feel it the next day which is always rewarding after you exercise. There are plenty of squat challenges on Pinterest to help you follow along. 

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  • Mommy and Me Classes 9 of 10

    Mommy and Me Pilates has become the trendsetting thing to do with your baby and moms are swapping dumbbells for babies. I just looked into joining a class with Grayson and was surprised with how many they offered. It's nice to let your baby attend a class with you as part of getting back in shape. 

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  • Baby Airplane 10 of 10

    I know this is probably not considered all that fun, but anything with baby makes things better right? Grayson loves it too! I lie on my back and raise my legs with my knees together. In our home, this is called the airplane. Place your baby on your shins while holding the baby, gently move your legs up and down and side to side while keeping your abdominal muscles tight. This works so great for tummy time babies too. 

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