9 Hilarious Baby Pictures for the Holidays

Be honest: One of the best parts of having a baby is having easy access to someone who is always, always, always photogenic. Even if your baby is pouting or glaring, chances are he’s still adorable — which can solve many a problem.

Don’t have a good picture of yourself to use as your Facebook profile photo? Stick your baby in it! No clue what to get your mother-in-law for her birthday? Three words: Baby. Photos. DONE. Get pulled over by the police while speeding? Explain that you were rushing home to feed your hungry baby … and then whip out that brag book pronto to prove it!

Of course, around this time of year, the most obvious way to make the most of your photogenic baby is through holiday family photos and cards. Need some inspiration on what not to do? Check out these awesomely awkward baby pictures from Awkward Family Photos.


  • Awkward Baby Pictures for the Holidays 1 of 11

    Can your awkward baby holiday photos top these?

  • Family Jammies 2 of 11

    Babies in old-timey pajamas? Adorable. Adults in old-timey pajamas? Um ...

  • A Joyful Trio 3 of 11

    For these kids, the holidays are a scream.


    Photography by Jamie Zobrist of Jamilia Jean Photography.

  • The Clothes Make the Family 4 of 11

    The mom who submitted this photo to Awkward Family Photos wrote that she made the kids' clothes for this photo in an effort to make it memorable. Clearly, she succeeded.

  • The Five-Finger Freak-Out 5 of 11

    Nothing makes for a touching family photo like a loving, disembodied hand.

  • One Out of Two Ain’t Bad 6 of 11

    One tot is posed comfortably for this photo. The other feels a little boxed in.

  • Money Doesn’t Grow on Trees, But … 7 of 11

    Apparently, creepy baby dolls do. 

  • Christmas Morning Smack-Down 8 of 11

    The real gift here is that of sisterly love.

  • Santa Claus Is Coming to Town 9 of 11

    That's not a promise; that's a threat.

  • Trim the Tree … 10 of 11

    ... not your toddler.

  • More from Awkward Family Photos 11 of 11

    For more holiday photos from Awkward Family Photos, check out the new book, Awkward Family Holiday Photosand enjoy awkward photos all year long with the Awkward Family Photos 2014 Calendar.

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Photos used with permission of Awkward Family Photos

Article Posted 3 years Ago

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