9 Reasons I’m Glad I Had a Boy

The first few weeks of my pregnancy, I was obsessed with the idea of having a girl. I googled whether there was really a correlation with the location of the yolk sac on the first ultrasound and the sex of the baby (verdict: maaaaybe?). I looked at the Chinese calendar and did all kinds of other research, hoping the answer would be that I was having a girl. It’s not that I didn’t want a boy, it’s that I grew up in a family of almost all girls so little boys were outside of my comfort zone.

But as my pregnancy progressed, I began to feel more like I was having a boy and before long, I was head over heels in love with the idea of having a son. And from the day we found out it was a boy until now (and I assume for a long time yet to come), I have been so tremendously glad that we had a boy. Someday I would still love to have a daughter, but for me, for now, having a boy has been just perfect.

  • The Clothes 1 of 9
    I know that a lot of mothers of girls also list this as the reason they're glad they had a girl, but this is a huge reason I'm thrilled to have a boy. I'm not particularly girly. I don't wear a ton of pink, I don't wear dresses very often. I'm pretty simply with my style. It should fit and be reasonably comfortable...and that's pretty much it. So it's nice to know that with a boy, the style choices are a little simpler. For now we just own a lot of cotton onesies and pants, no dresses or frilly skirts, that however adorable, take a certain amount of coordination and care.
  • Accessories 2 of 9
    This goes right along with clothes. I wear the same earrings, necklace, ring and if I need to, watch, every day. There is virtually no variation. I would be terrible at finding matching bows or tutus or patent leather shoes for each outfit. The only accessories in this house are hats (he owns two that fit) and socks (which often end up not matching his outfit at all) and I'm pretty thrilled about it.
  • Carrying low while pregnant 3 of 9
    I know this may be a myth and we'll have to wait for a someday second pregnancy to confirm, but I carried Eli super low my whole pregnancy. My older sister, who is shaped exactly like me, carried my niece high the whole time. Where I wasn't out of breath until I was impossibly large, she was short of breath from the 5th or 6th month on.
  • Toys 4 of 9
    This is obviously a grey area, since no toy is truly for a boy or for a girl. But I've never been particularly good at dressing up in princess gear or pretend tea parties. Playing ball games and building legos and other things that are more traditionally masculine toys marketed at boys, now those, I am great at and enjoy tremendously.
  • Shrieking 5 of 9
    Okay, I have 2 nieces who are 3 and 5 and both have the most incredibly high pitched, makes you want to gouge your ears out, could shatter glass, shriek. I have heard similar shrieks in public, always coming from girls. Perhaps my cross section of girls is not representative of the public, but I'm pretty excited at the prospect of never having to hear that shriek come from my child.
  • Freedom…for him 6 of 9
    One of the tough parts about being a tom boy growing up, and to an extent still now, is that it felt like as a girl I was pidgeon holed into and out of certain activities. I did dance and springboard diving and that was pretty much it. I absolutely loved football and baseball, but after a certain age, they didn't offer them for girls. For boys, there are a myriad of options. Boys can dance, they can play league baseball and football and swimming and diving. It seems like by nature of him being a boy, he has more options to pursue whatever interests him, and I think that's a pretty fantastic thing.
  • Hair 7 of 9
    I am one of these rare people who can braid their own hair, but cannot braid anyone else's. Ditto with a decent ponytail, bun or anything else. I have no idea where my hair doing deficiency comes from, but I am pre-emptively pitying any daughter I have because her hair will be a constant mess. While Eli is probably in need of a haircut soonish (the 10 hairs he has in the front are getting almost too long), not having to style his hair is a major bonus.
  • Diaper Changes 8 of 9
    Look, changing a baby's diaper is no fun regardless of sex, but the idea of only being able to wipe in one direction and feeling like a mistake would rapidly endanger your child's urinary tract health is just another reason I love having a boy. There are just way fewer places to have to clean down there.
  • Because I love him 9 of 9
    The bottom line is, I'm glad I had a boy because I love this baby so very much and now that I have him, I can't imagine having any other baby. I'm glad I had a boy because I love my little Eli to the ends of the earth and back.

Why are you glad you had a boy or a girl?

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Article Posted 5 years Ago

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