9 Reasons I’m Grateful to Be Through the Newborn Stage

Newborns are awesome with their squish, but they are also hard on any new parent. Once my first daughter hit the 3-month mark, the clouds parted, the sun began shining, and rainbows and unicorns appeared. When babies emerge from the newborn phase, the world is so different for not only baby, but also for their parents. As much as I’m a tad sad about how quickly my children grow, I am so very grateful my youngest is now out of the newborn stage. Life is that much sweeter to have this little peanut interacting with us more! Check out these 9 reasons why I’m so very happy to be through the newborn phase.

You Can Read Baby's Cues Better 1 of 9
I always have mama intuition from the day my babies are born. But during the newborn phase, Baby's actions can be a little harder to read. You go through a list of possible causes when Baby is cranky, when sometimes she just wants to be held. Since my youngest turned 3 months old, I'm better at reading her cues and she's better at giving cues--like how she flings her body at my breast when she wants to eat or when she cranks a bit in the middle of happy play to let me know she needs a diaper change. This makes life so much easier.
There Are Less Diaper Changes 2 of 9
The amount of diapers you go through during the newborn phase is painful at times. There's so much poop. And you often find yourself changing Baby's diaper five minutes after you first changed it. So as my daughter gets through the newborn phase, we are going through less diapers and spending less time having to change them. It certainly makes everyone involved happier.
There Is Sibling Interaction 3 of 9
It's amazing to see my girls interacting, and it helps the big kid so much. She has so desperately wanted Baby to pay attention to her, and finally her wishes are getting granted as baby sister smiles at her, watches her dance around and grabs on to her. Plus, it gives me a chance to use the bathroom when big sis can hang with little sis for a little bit. Another win-win situation.
Routines and Schedules Start to Emerge 4 of 9
It's amazing what you can accomplish once a baby begins to get on somewhat of a routine. You can mostly count on sleeping and eating to happen around the same times each day, or rather the time periods between sleeping and eating becomes more predictable. Naps for my baby are still hit or miss as we are emerging from the four-month sleep regression, but still, her eating patterns have become more predictable and it has made life so much easier to plan around.
Leaving the House Is Easier 5 of 9
Leaving the house is so much easier once the newborn phase is over. My little peanut wasn't a fan of the car seat for so long, but the older she has gotten, the better she is with sitting in the seat. She only gets cranky in the car if she's hungry. Plus, I find that overall it's just easier to get baby ready to go. I'm not carrying as much around while outside of the house, and Baby tends to cooperate a bit more as we are getting ready to leave.
Feeding Baby Doesn't Take as Long 6 of 9
When feeding a newborn, they eat pretty darn slowly whether they are bottle-fed or breastfed. For me, once the marathon nursing sessions were over, and baby got a new diaper, I felt like 30 minutes later we'd start the whole eat, sleep, poop routine all over again. Now she nurses for 20-30 minutes tops, and sometimes even less. It's freeing not to be tied down to a baby eating all the time.
Baby Starts Playing 7 of 9
It's so great when Baby starts playing. Not only is it fun to watch the amazement on their face as they start swatting at toys or shaking a rattle, and the most fun of discovering their toes, but this also helps to occupy Baby for a little bit longer so you can get dinner made or read a book to big sister. This playing thing has been life changing for the dynamic of my family.
Baby Is Less Fragile 8 of 9
Everyone in my family is happier when baby starts being less fragile. Big sister can play a bit more. Nursing baby is easier as I don't have to support my daughter as much. And holding baby with one hand while putting the dishes in the dishwasher gets easier.
Baby's Personality Emerges 9 of 9
I don't know about you, but once my children emerge from the newborn phase and their personality starts to show itself, it's quite amazing to see! And this also helps you know how best to keep Baby happy. My daughter lets me know what makes her smile so I know that when she's fussing I can easily play airplane with her or sit her on my lap so she can check out what's going on, and the fussiness stops. It's just so fun to start to see the little person they are becoming.
Article Posted 3 years Ago

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