9 Things All New Moms Should Do For Themselves

Pedicure time!

When we become mothers a little switch inside out head is turned on and we start to put the needs of everyone else before our own. Our children, family… sometimes even strangers in our lives.

Its not necessarily a bad thing — but we can’t forget to take care of ourselves as well. If Mommy isn’t happy — nobody is! Right?

I started thinking about some of the stuff I do in my life to maintain some sort of sanity and stay a well rounded mommy. The kind that doesn’t easily snap on someone.

These are all the activities I need to make time for and I think all new moms should include in their week — or day!

Be sure to comment below with some of the things that kept you sane after giving birth, because we are all so different you may really help a new mom in need!

  • Get Out of the House! 1 of 9
    Get Out of the House!
    Whether it is alone or with your baby!
    Don't shelter yourself in the house -- it will drive you absolutely crazy! Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Take LOTS of Showers! 2 of 9
    Take LOTS of Showers!
    If there is anything that will help take the edge off... it is taking a shower!
    Nice long hot showers!
    Lots of them!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Get a Pedicure! 3 of 9
    Get a Pedicure!
    Go get some foot treatment!
    Sometimes after you have a baby you might not be feeling 100% but when I feel like crap, I could totally go for a pedicure!
  • Have Some Drinks! 4 of 9
    Have Some Drinks!
    Go out and have a couple drinks!
    Sometimes it is what we really need to unwind and actually relax.
    If you don't drink... Well skip it?
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Write a Blog! 5 of 9
    Write a Blog!
    It doesn't sound like fun, but I promise the record keeping aspect of it will benefit you for years.
    There is no better way to remember the first years of your little ones life!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Go Get a Massage! 6 of 9
    Go Get a Massage!
    Once you are feeling up to leaving the house... go get a massage!
    I mean really... new mom or not I think we all want them!
    Photo Credit: Morguefile
  • Go Shopping! 7 of 9
    Go Shopping!
    Who doesn't love a little retail therapy?
    Maybe some beautiful, stylish and comfortable clothes that fit better after baby...
    Or maybe even just some new socks... who doesn't love new socks?
    Just something for YOU!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Take a Nap! 8 of 9
    Take a Nap!
    You know how they always tell you to sleep when the baby sleeps?
    Ya, that is no joke!
    Whether or not you like naps... TAKE THEM!
    Photo Credit: Flickr
  • Make Time for Your Friends! 9 of 9
    Make Time for Your Friends!
    Friendships are special.
    We always need the ear who will listen to us on those rough nights or the girlfriend who will spring us out of the house when we are on the brink of losing our sanity.
    Take care of those friendships!

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